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Name: 2000 Man
Subject: RE: The Stones legacy is indeed in peril!
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 9:29:35 PM
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RE: The Stones legacy is indeed in peril!

Everything like this flows in stages. Sometimes bands like The stones are on top, and sometimes bands like LZ are on top. There's definitely a shift going on right now towards more garagey rock and roll, at least so far as I can tell with my kids. One is older than you, and one is younger. The older one is much more into moody, melodic pieces, and LZ would probably be more his style if he hadn't grown up with me laughing at them everytime they came on the radio. But Tool, Flaming Lips - moody stuff - he digs that. So do his friends.

The younger one is still in HS, and he much prefers simpler, rock and rolly stuff that's fun and danceable. He likes the 45's, Mooney Suzuki, all the ska you can shake a stick at. So do his friends. I fully expect them to both continue listening to music and finding new things. But I'm very surprised looking at their mp3 folder how many of my cd's are in there. Even the Stones.

But the die young, leave a pretty corpse thing has always worked. When I was a kid, The Doors were fucking HUGE. I can back up the claim with sales numbers, too. In the late 70's The Doors sold more albums than when they were a functioning group. There were tons of Doors cover bands, and everyone in HS or college was really into them, even the punks. But they aren't so big these days with the kids. They might be again someday. Record labels are always trying to find ways to move back catalog. But I'll bet that once the Stones finally do retire, they'll get bigger with that generation of kids. Because they'll be gone for good, and no one will care that they released Bridges To Babylon, cuz it just won't matter.

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