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Name: StoNE
Subject: RE: For the record...
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 10:43:52 AM
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RE: For the record...

>Just my take on how they're coping with age<

60+ years old and they still performing on stage...with Mick strutting his stuff,most people half his age wont be able to do the same...I recon they aged well...

Oklahoma Zeppelin I talk under correction now but arent you the guy who also made a post last year or the year before that,saying that the sax part in "Brown Sugar" is

like over done or crap..something in that line?..well if it was you wich I'm almost sure is the case (i'm not in the mood to go check all the posts of the past 2 years) then it would explain why you would make such a crap post again about the Stones seems like whenever you make a post on this site you have something negative or insulting to say about the Stones..go and make crap posts on you Led Zeppelin websites boy!..

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I also have my fair share of critisizm with some of the Stones related issues and stuff they do..after all although is difficult to understand at times they are also human and make mistakes at times,and I also dont dig all their songs and albums..but I dont "appear" on this website to just post negative stuff and crap about the Stones.

I apologise,to the rest of the Gassers about this outburst i'm just in a general crap mood today,and I when I visit Gasland to learn more about the Stones and get the latest news on them,wich normally lightens up my day also seeing the other Gassers here,I dont need to see crap like this posted on the website by someone who's clearly here to stir..Oklahoma Zeppelin live with it LED ZEPPELIN will never,and was never as good as the Stones.

The Stones are still together....

~Bruce Lee's death (brain swelling) was directly related to Chuck Norris recieving second place to him in a martial arts contest. Coincidence? Norris doesn't think so~

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