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Name: Teiz
Subject: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 12:23:51 PM
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RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

If U2 prooves anything with the MJ Blige combo is that they are prepared to do anything to make a few bucks. That duet is terrible. As for How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: even die-hard U2 fans will admit it's a very lame album. Combine that with Bono's 'look at me, I'm the best thing since Jesus' act and I think that's not much of a legacy.

Madonna and Prince are both hit and miss acts. Madonna seems to have a good thing going at the moment, but her previous album was a sales disaster. Plus it was panned by the critics. Prince is doing his old school thing, but was gone since the early 90s. I don't care very much for their music, but I respect both these artists. But treating their legacy isn't their strongest thing.

Depeche Mode isn't even half as big as the Stones....

As for the Stones: I know what you mean. Weak album, ridiculous ticket prices. But even if they don't sell extreme amounts of tickets here, I know for a fact that the classic Stones songs still are very appreciated by teenagers. Now of course you won't see them running to the store for ABB, but I remember I got my niece 40 Licks for her 16th birthday and she listens to that album quite often. She even plays that one at parties...(fits right in between 50 Cents and Destiny's Child in her book).

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