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Name: Oklahoma Zeppelin
Subject: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 2:47:48 AM
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Stones Legacy In Peril?

Like it or not, seems to me, the Stones' very visible slide -- from remotely memorable albums, from tree tops -- could hurt their legacy in the long run. Not to us, but to later generations of music listeners. I worry that teens today see the U2s, Madonnas, even Beatles and Aerosmiths, as more reputable foggies than the Stones, who wrinkle and Super-Bowl strut to highlight some of their worst albums.

I wonder if legacies are delicate things that must be continually nurtured. Or lost? The Kinks were important to '80s kids, but I think have fallen off the radar for 00s kids. Even dead bands like the Beatles still must capture the teen's imagination. And they do. But do 16-year-olds know less-than-primary-but-top-tier-songs 'Tumbling Dice' and 'Paint It Black'? I think, you already hear them less than you did 15 years ago. And the image of a self-glorifying band charging $300 for tickets on tours supporting rather stale albums can't help.

The following bands, among others, are keeping more relevant, credible and creative in their third decade than the Stones did in their third, fourth, or fifth decades:

1. U2 -- new duet with Mary J Blige on 'One' proves how enduring that superb song is

2. Madonna -- not saying it's great, but she's keeping teens loving her -- that ensures a longer legacy

3. Depeche Mode -- songs continue to matter and sincere with band's mystique/message

4. Prince -- no comment required

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