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Name: StoNE
Subject: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 5:18:42 AM
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RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

>The following bands, among others, are keeping more relevant, credible and creative in their third decade than the Stones did in their third, fourth, or fifth decades:

1. U2 -- new duet with Mary J Blige on 'One' proves how enduring that superb song is

2. Madonna -- not saying it's great, but she's keeping teens loving her -- that ensures a longer legacy

3. Depeche Mode -- songs continue to matter and sincere with band's mystique/message

4. Prince -- no comment required<

LOL..Thanks,for that I needed a good laugh..I take it by your nick you might be a Led Zeppelin fan?...if long did their legacy last?

Dude,you are on another planet...wake up and smell Keith's weed and Jack long as the Stones can after 40 years get fans into stadiums,even with the high ticket prices they will be reconed as the best and have a good me any other rock band thats still 40 years plus in the business and still have a young fan base (just look at the age of a lot of Gassers that post here)..Sure i'm not blind to the fact that the Stones arent what they used to be when they were at their peak ito album sales and the product that they put out there ect..but fuck,dude they are 40 years in the business and still going strong..can we say that about bands like Led Zeppelin?..(even if you might not be a Zeppelin fan,lets use then anyway as an example,but I can use a lot of other bands also as an example)

It amazes me how you get people thats not Stones fans that will post negative crap about them on a Stones fan based website.I dont post crap about Led Zeppelin on their websites...I have better things to do with my time I guess.

>Depeche Mode -- songs continue to matter and sincere with band's mystique/message<

Dude,with that statement no one would ever take you seriously...just a tip...Depeche Mode..LOL...thats funny I must admit..very original.

enough said...

~Chuck Norris' smile can blind a full-grown adult at twenty paces and has been known to deflect all projectile weapons, including rocket launchers~

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