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Name: manny in ny
Subject: RE: The Stones legacy is indeed in peril!
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 7:37:56 PM
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RE: The Stones legacy is indeed in peril!

First off a bigger bang is a good cd,no matter what the sales numbers indicate.Secondly,with all due respect to all of the above opinions how can a bands legacy be hurt after over 40 years of mostly great sucess and a whirlwind lifestyle that most of us would like to try for awile,only we cant so we live the life vicariously through them.Its hard to imagine future generations digging them without growing up with them like we have,but the great recordings will always be around.I respect what muddy waters and john coltrane did,and i have the recordings,but i did not grow up with these guys so its different for me than with someone who grew up with them.Its the same with sports..i can enjoy clips of jim brown and rocky marciano,their lagacys will endure..but seeing them first hand would have been better.

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