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Name: iFox
Subject: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 6:12:54 AM
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RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

I don't see any visible slide of Stones except from them getting older and the world changing. In fact Stones can adopt themselves to the changing world very well and they can make stadium filled gigs.

Stones just say "it's only rock'n roll" they are hardly pathetic so I think they would just laugh to hear the word legacy. They are no fucking Pink Floyd they are just rock'n roll at it's finest. What other band can make such a great album like ABB after 40+ years of playing and do so great tour! When I look at the setlist for first leg of America Tour, second leg they seem like two different tours except from the same high quality of playing!

>>The following bands, among others, are keeping more relevant, credible and creative in their third decade than the Stones did in their third, fourth, or fifth decades:

1. U2 -- new duet with Mary J Blige on 'One' proves how enduring that superb song is

2. Madonna -- not saying it's great, but she's keeping teens loving her -- that ensures a longer legacy

3. Depeche Mode -- songs continue to matter and sincere with band's mystique/message

4. Prince -- no comment required<<

1. This song in this arrangement is like a poor attempt to produce "We Are The World pt. II"

2. I know clubbers like her gays like her but if all teens love her? I'm not so sure about that.

3. I agree they develop in their own way and "Playing An Angel" is a good album but are they rock?

4. Prince or Artist Formerly Known As Prince? I've lost a clue here.

I don't care about legacy or kids loving Stones. Stones give me Rock at it's finest and that's what counts! It's only rock'n roll but I like that.

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