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Name: Vinney
Subject: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 3:17:22 AM
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RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

Sorry mate I will have to disagree, being 23 years old myself and seeing the amount of people much younger than me absolutley loving both the shows I saw last month, i would have to say there legacy will not be lost in the near future.

I think you either love them or hate them and bands like U2 are much more to the wider public's taste meaning younger people hear them a lot more than they would hear the stones.

But in saying that younger people who want to gain a greater knowledge of classic rock music will always turn to the stones as they are and will always be ROCK n ROLL.

They wrote the book on it and don't worry a lot of kids understand this fact. When bono becomes the president of the world you won't even remember what band he used to be in. I am confident the stones will be just as relavant in another 40 odd years, i dont think I could say the same about U2 and any of the others you mentioned.

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