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Name: 2000 Man
Subject: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 7:43:44 AM
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RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

Is Depeche Mode still around? I don't know any kids listening to them. Madonna's sales and chart presence keep declining, but her videos still get good play. She's getting like the Stones - her tours are where she really makes the bucks. U2 is rehashing old songs already? I'm no Prince fan, but the guy has certainly had a career on his own terms, and I admire that. I hope he sells a billion albums and sends his former label sales receipts once a month.

My nephew was just over last night and he was picking tunes that he was curious to hear. He's a drummer (his father is one of the best drummers I've ever heard, but the poster child for ear plugs for musicians - tinnitus is BAD!), and he's a big Led Zeppelin fan. So he started by asking me to play some Led Zeppelin.

"I don't have any LZ, kid."

"You've got so many cd's, some of them have to be LZ!"

"No. I hate them. I've hated them since I was younger than you."

"Play something you like, then that I haven't heard yet."

So I yanked out some Black Keys. He dug them heavily. Then I slapped on The Old 97's fisrt album. I figured I'd lose him for sure, but he was all, "This is so cool! It's like country/blues!" I'm thinkin', "Shit - there's hope for this kid after all!"

So that's when he starts asking if I have like a Stones greatest hits album. My kid started laughing his ass off and showed him the cabinet where my Stones collection starts, the shelves where it continues and the books where it finally ends. I told him to grab Let it Bleed cuz I think that's the one that should really grab you. The kid loved it. He thought Country Honk was real cool, and he knew Love In Vain from his old man't Robert Johnson album, but he liked the Stones more. So I think we've got at least a casual fan growing there. He didn't even know that they ever released A Bigger Bang, and I didn't bother telling him. So I think the legacy is safe.

As for The Kinks - my kids think they kick ass. Especially the old stuff. Granted, the youngest is now 18 (as of yesterday), but he thinks they're a great band. The Underground Garage is catching on with the kiddies, too. Billboard is supposed to be starting a new Garage Rock chart. I know my kids listen to that station on Sirius (cuz they play so much White Stripes), and they see the huge influence The Kinks and early Stones had on that whole genre.

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