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Name: ginsoaked
Subject: RE: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?
Date: Sunday, April 30, 2006
Time: 7:01:45 AM
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RE: RE: Stones Legacy In Peril?

I believe just the opposite: as the more time goes by, the more the stones' legacy will become stronger, not god, in the end, how many years will their rock n roll tenure be---it's at what, 44 years now?---it will quite possibly be 50 plus years in the end, and as time(and tears) go by, this massive amount of musical contribution will be looked upon as such an accomplishment from a historical perspective if nothing else...can you think of any artist/group who comes close off hand in terms of the amount of time they spent creating any type of music???....

the stones have already endured the worst possible hit they could take: a thing called the 1980's, as i have said so many times---the worst decade in the history of music or quite simplpy, in the history of anything...on the contrary, i believe history will show that much of the crap that came out of this horrendous period will be forgotten...i agree with Undercover that a band somewhere down the line will look at bands such as the stones as inspiration, as brian and clapton did with very old blues artists...afterall, rock n roll can never die.... and the stones are rock n roll...i dont think neil will ever sing, "hey hey, my my, depeche mode will never die"

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