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Name: ~TaStYFoAm
Subject: the Church of the Oxymoron~
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 11:38:45 PM
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the Church of the Oxymoron~

Keno how you feelin man? Just yesterday i thought of zipping off a little e-mail enquiring how you are feeling and healing since the accident.

You SOUND well on your way, like yerself again ')

Just ONE of the reasons religious Pharisees like this guy make me so angry is because their doctrine of good works and "brownie points"-- EARning them God's favour-- is patenty FALSE. They talk about Someone they don't even KNOW--for if they REALLY had known, the unmerited favour and grace--the LOVE that truthfully--and for FREE-- equals the saxrifice of the crosz would be what is heard.

If being a "good person" will earn you God's love, then i'm freakin a hopeless case--and so is Marilyn Manson and so is the junkie on the nod and everyone else on the street, so is Ronnie and Blondie and my junkie twin up in Harlem, and every person on Jerry Springer.

It's just not Jesus--not the Truth at all--it's pathetic and downright absurd to hear crap like people like Karen Carpenter--and "maybe" "Good" Charlie--are somehow worthy to receive God's love and the rest of us better start STRIVING,sweating, and WORKing to be good enough.

That's false doctrine and man-made religion--bypassing entirely His sacrifice of love--making the cross superfluous--and loveless crossless "Christians" should really start a denomination called "The Church of The Oxymoron" and i bet they'd have especially huge congregations in Utah and the Farrakhans of the world would greedily fill the pulpit every chance they got.

Jesus said to the religious Pharisee that he needed to get the log out of his own eye before trying to remove the speck in his brother's.

Man, i would love to hear what He'd say to this guy, you know!

Anyway, that's my theological contribution for the evening--and i really need to get around to that e-mail!


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