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Name: Keno
Subject: RE:Oh god!.....
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 7:35:26 PM
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RE:Oh god!.....

....or should I say, Oh Satan! What did we all do to deserve such a post?

I read your post CL, then I read all the replies and now I just read your post a second time. In one way it don't seem real, but in another way it does, it's very real, as sad as that might be. I had to think to myself, is this person really a Christian, I mean you make the average Christian look real bad the way you come out against Jews and other non Christians. I would have to agree with Ms Tastyfoam, you must be a Baptist, as they seem to be the only Christians who put down other Christians.

The first bit of your post is just plain funny, it proves you really don't know the Stones too well. I agree with a few here, I'm not about to take down your post , at least not for now. I don't know if it will live to see the archives, 99% of these kind of posts don't, but this one is a bit different, it just might.

As far as myself and my fellow Gassers who you name here goes, I know we can handle this type of stuff and put downs, as you're not the first to go after us. But don't you dare go after our families, that is where you crossed the line. All the people you bring up in your post are good people and good parents - how dare you write such garbage about such fine folks!

I'm not gonna get into it here with you on most of what you posted, since the others here have done a good job already, but I will defend myself where needed.....

Christian Lurker wrote:

>I've left the webmaster, Keno, for last...

Gee thanks, I see I got an entire paragraph on why I'm so evil.

>You not only allow this board to post anti-Christian, anti-Jesus points of views, but you put down and censor those who try to counter this blasphemy.

People have posted pro Christian views here too, and the only things censored are lies, nothing more.

>I did find the hidden link to your personal web home page on your John Lennon site (yet another late rocker now in Hell). I'm glad it's hidden,.....

Hidden, if it was hidden you would not have found it now, would you? I may not advertise it here, or anywhere on the domain since it's not a music site, however, it does belong to a few different web rings, it's far from hidden. That link on the one Lennon page is there because I have a direct link on one of the pages at my home site that links to that Lennon page, and it's nothing more than a link back.

>I see you like to make fun of Christians there...

You're a goddamn liar, I do not make fun of Christians there. Just because I have a different point of view don't mean I'm making fun of anyone. I was born a Christian and some members of my family, including my mother and late father, whom I talk about a bit there, are Christians. I gather most of my fellow Gassers have been to my home page in the past, but to those who have not, when you get a chance, pay it a visit and please tell me if I make fun of Christians there. Click on this "hidden" link to get there:Keno's Home Page. Just note that my home page is not pro-active and it hasn't been updated in a good year or so.

>How could you name your son afer Keith Richards anyway

If you had really took the time to read my home page, you would know that my son IS NOT named after Mr. Riffhard. It's my oldest grandson who is named after Keef, and he is very proud of it, I'll add.

>You think it's good to raise your children as Atheists?

Yes, I do, in fact, I'm sure they are better off being raised knowing what I feel is the truth about all this God nonsense. Much better than having a parent like you, who would raise a child to be nothing more than a brainwashed bigot.

>You think it's healthy to practice Naturism?

I know for a fact it is! I know some (like you) who don't have a clue about naturism think it's some kind of sexual thing, when sex has nothing to do with it. No, we don't have wild sex orgies at nudist clubs like you think. Although many naturist are single, most are married with children. They are not into spouse swapping, or wild sex parties, not any more than the average person would be. And naturists are not exhibitionists either. Far from it, people who are into exposing themselves would never go to such a place - and don't.

>I would bet that most children who take part in Naturism are more than likely being molested by others and will grow up to be molesters too when they reach adulthood.

You are one sick thinking fucker, you know that? You know nothing about naturist children, that is obvious! There have been different studies done in this field, one, I wish I could remember the name of it, but it was done about 7 or 8 years ago, and it covered the abuse of children, in general. It found that one in four kids are molested in life before they reach their teens. The same study found that only one in ten naturist children were molested, and noted that was a major difference, but didn't go into detail as to why. I was not surprised to read this, because naturist parents are more aware of their kids and talk more to their kids. You just don't bring your child to a naturist resort without first explaining things about the place to them, and what is and isn't proper. My three kids are all grown now, they were never molested as children, and are today fine young adults. My grandkids are as beautiful and innocent as they look to you. None of my kids ever had a problem with the lifestyle I live and they grew up with. As far as naturism hurting children, I'll close this out with a comment my grandson Keifer made to me about 3 years ago. The two of us were leaving the local hot spring naturist resort that I am a member of, after a 3 day visit. It was one of the rare times I was able to do something just with him, since my family is big, but as we were getting into the car to leave, he said to me "Grandpa, how come everybody in the world can't be like all of the people here are? Everybody here is so nice and kind, I've never seen nicer people anywhere else". Yeah, I would say that he's affected by the place - for the better.

>The fact that you also accept Gays as friends endangers your children also.

So your anti-gay too, I'm not surprised. Again, you don't have any more a clue about gays than you do naturists, or non christians.

>Plus, that town you live in, my gosh, I didn't think there could be a place as awful as San Francisco!

There isn't a place as wonderful anywhere else than where I live, it's considered the spiritual capitol of the US, yes we have many different kinds of folks here, and all of them are good people. Guess you hate Buddhist too, since we have more here than anywhere else in the US (for a small town anyway), but since Buddhist are also Atheist too, well, that would make sense that you would hate them/us.

>You may not think your into the Devil, but both the Devil and God exist

In your opinion. I don't believe in your god and would not want to be a part of his heaven if all that is said about him is true, he sounds like one very bad deity. I know for a fact that I'm not into the devil, and you don't have a clue to how and what I really think. The devil, as Mick points out in "Sympathy For the Devil", is mankind, and you are one true devil yourself. Too bad there isn't a Hell in the afterlife, you for sure would be heading there.

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