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Name: mr jimmy
E-Mail: stones facts all quite true and valid, but
Subject: RE: All Gassers will end up in Hell
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 6:10:20 PM
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RE: All Gassers will end up in Hell

Pinning people like that makes no sense.

I've found, and it is quite common, that people bent on lecturing/preaching in this form are always the ones who are lacking in their own lives as far as treating people decently goes. And that's what it comes to. If people can't have compassion and love in their everyday life then don't even think of opening your mouth to critisize others.

The only people that go to hell are those who purport to be 'good' christians (or jews aor muslims) while at the same time justifying their bad moral actions with selective interpretations of the bible/torah/koran.

I have no idea how people claiming to be of any of these religions can say in the one breath they are loving, yet hold so much venomous hate for people they don't know.

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