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Name: Shattered
Subject: Getting my 2 cents in before Keno stops this
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 2:17:43 PM
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Getting my 2 cents in before Keno stops this

---I knew all along that the Stones were into the Devil

No there're not. Prove it.

---Mick Jagger is into the Devil and anyone of you who think songs like Sympathy For the Devil, Pain It Black, etc. are not about the Devil, well your all lost!

SFTD is very ANTI-Devil, listen closely to the words. This song is more like a warning about him: "But what's puzzeling you is just the nature of my game". The Devil tries to make you believe what he wants you to by using opposites--"Just like every cop is a criminal, and all you sinners saints", get it? "It's heads, it's tails, just call me Lucifer..." With all the bad things the devil does in this song, how can you think it's PRO-Devil?

---His best friend, Keith Richards is a devoted believer in Voodoo and like Jagger, loves Satan.

Keith is into VOODOO? I've been following this band since 1964 and that's a new one on me! If you're refering to a certain album title, "Voodoo Lounge", they've made it explicitely & abundantly clear that they named the album after a stray cat lurking around that they named 'Voodoo'. That great album was named after a friggin' CAT! A feline! a kitty! Meow.

---Then you have the late Brian Jones, who had the numbers "666" on his car's license plates,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there weren't any 'customized' license plates in the 60s, the way we can have now. If he did have '666' included on his plates, it was just coincidence.

---did more drugs than even Richards

Well excuse me. None of us came with instructions, and certainly nobody is provided with a road map that leads to the Heavenly Jerusalem. Therefore, born with the burden of original sin, and even though Baptism washes away original sin, we're still stuck with the STAIN of original sin, we take bumps & bruises along our way, we make wrong turns, we may use poor judgement, we make mistakes!!! Yet God is always with us. That's why the Church that Christ founded on the Rock of Peter has the sacrament of reconciliation. We're human. None of us is perfect. Not even YOU C.L.

---and lives to put all of his fellow man down, unless they are Jews.

Oh yeah? Well, well, -----all right you got me on that one.

---I've left the webmaster, Keno, for last, since he runs this haven for Satan.

Really? I don't know him personally, but I can tell he's a very good & decent human being. My intuition is quite reliable. Sure we disagree on Theological matters, but he's on his journey just like all the rest of us. (I'm not trying to speak for him, I'm trying to make a point best way I can.) Refer to the above about insructions. Let God do His work, His way.

---I would bet that most children who take part in Naturism are more than likely being molested by others and will grow up to be molesters too when they reach adulthood.

Now I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're a nutcase.

---Like your beloved Rolling Stones and fellow Gassers, you will not get into Heaven!

My beloved Catholic Church NEVER EVER says who's going to Hell. Who the Hades do you think you are? Who the bloody-Hell made the likes of YOU judge & jury?

---But you can be saved if you just believe in Jesus, and read your Bible!

Where in the Bible does it say you HAVE to read the Bible? And speaking of the Bible, how do you know the books that are in the Bible are the ones that actually belong in the Bible? (Many books were rejected you know.) I know the answer, but do you? And I sleep very well at night knowing that. You've got some very serious History homework to do my friend.

I wish you luck.

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