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Name: ~TaStYFoAm
Subject: Love covers a multitude...npsc
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 2:09:47 PM
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Love covers a multitude...npsc

Listen man

You lurk for a mere three months and then bust in here like a bloody Pharisee, pal.

What--pastor won't give you his pulpit and let you preach-- and--lemme guess--you have a major calling on your life, called to the five-fold ministry, right?

Dig Jesus with Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, and the woman at the well-- and then measure your love equalling ZERO=0 here--Z-E-R-O--{putting everyone here on the defensive and alienating everyone} against the Love personified in Him.

Get a grip on just WHO these precious people really, truly ARE here hanging out, and realise your flesh in that "powerful" little ill=fitting lion cloth--and your nasty loveless locust breath-- could use A LOT of honey.

And even then, no one knows or trusts you here-- after this your foolish blow of your psuedo Shofar-- and you need to understand you've done much more harm and ZERO--NO-NONE-good here today.

You need to rest your weeny little "called" head on His heart-- and dare not get up--til LOVE rings yer bell and you learn how to answer TheDoor and let people in.

I doubt very much this got even remotely writ up in the books--Without Love motivating you, there just ain't no rewards, no matter HOW many talents you think you've been given.

Get some common sense i beg of you, pal. The worship around the Throne continues in SPITE of your foolishness--i GUARANTEE it ain't because of your "anointed" voice in the wilderness.


You need to grasp the fact that whatever "prophetic anointing" you may have felt to justify yourself is more a complete turn-off than anything else.

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