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Name: Christian Lurker
Subject: All Gassers will end up in Hell
Date: Friday, March 05, 2004
Time: 12:03:32 PM
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All Gassers will end up in Hell

The band you love, the Rolling Stones, are leading all of you into Hell. I have been lurking at this board, and two other Stones boards, for about 3 months now. This one is by far the worst, not to say the other boards I've been reading are really any better, as every Stones fan is doomed. But here at this board the anti-Jesus, anti-God, and pro-Jewish posts and replies are by far the worst I've seen anywhere. To the Jews and non Christians here, you will not get into Heaven if you don't believe in Jesus. To the few here who claim to be Christians, your chances of getting into heaven are slim, unless you change your life now and stay as far away from this devil loving band, the Rolling Stones, and start to read your Bible everyday.

Yes, I've been studying this place along with several other sites for rock bands like AC/DC. I knew all along that the Stones were into the Devil, and their followers were in danger, but until I started to read this place, I didn't know just how bad Satan has you all in his grip. Please understand that my post here is not meant as spam, but to plead with you all to save yourself before it's too late.

Mick Jagger is into the Devil and anyone of you who think songs like Sympathy For the Devil, Pain It Black, etc. are not about the Devil, well your all lost! About all I can agree with any of you here about this man is that no, he isn't no "sir", that is for sure! His best friend, Keith Richards is a devoted believer in Voodoo and like Jagger, loves Satan. He not only does illegal drugs, but encourages his fans to do the same. Ron Wood is another who thinks it's better to have a party than to serve the Lord. You all know about the child molester Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts, he seems like a good man, but that is not the true man that he really is, as he has a dark side too. The fact that he's in the Stones right there proves it. Then you have the late Brian Jones, who had the numbers "666" on his car's license plates, and like his friends Mick and Keith, was into Devil worshiping. He had countless bastard children who he never supported or loved, beat on their mothers who he would never marry, did more drugs than even Richards, and was a overall bad person who more than likely took his own life. You can bet he is in Hell waiting for his friends and fans to show up to join him.

Then there is all of you, the fans of this rock band. Again, you will end up in Hell unless you change your ways real fast. You all talk about your families here, they too have no hope if you don't do something now. There are a few Christians here who are beat up everyday by the rest of you. The truth is, they need to stay away from this hellhole if they know what is better for them. You cannot be a good Christians and get into God's heaven if you like rock bands like the Stones, period! Then there are the others here who are doomed. Take the two Jews who post, Steel Wls and Josh. At least in the case of Steel Wls he seems to understand the good in our President Bush, but believing in Gay rights, the Stones, and not believing in Jesus will not get you into the promised land. This Josh fellow, if he really is a lawyer, is about the lowest form of humanity as there can be. All that matters to him is money, he don't care about his family, and lives to put all of his fellow man down, unless they are Jews. There in no question a place in Hell is awaiting him. Then there are you other Gassers. She Rat is a pagan and admits it, what more do I need to say, PDog is about as anti Christian, anti-God as any one else here. He is proud that his young son is into punk bands, I can only wonder how this poor child will turn out, more than likely as bad as his father. Then other parents here who are leading their children into Hell would be the likes of 2000 Man, Dano, ~TaStYFoAm (I find it hard that she claims she's a Christian), Demon Life, Stones73, Ginda, Sirmoonie, and any of you who have children. I'm surprised those above even talk about their kids here, you should all be ashamed and I can only hope they don't follow in their parents' footsteps. Also please understand that I've left out many other Gassers here, but anyone who hangs out at this place, or any of the other Stones boards, need to repent now.

I've left the webmaster, Keno, for last, since he runs this haven for Satan. If anyone is to be doomed besides the Stones, it's you Keno. You not only allow this board to post anti-Christian, anti-Jesus points of views, but you put down and censor those who try to counter this blasphemy. I did find the hidden link to your personal web home page on your John Lennon site (yet another late rocker now in Hell). I'm glad it's hidden, good Christian people don't need to be exposed to something so sinful. I see you like to make fun of Christians there, where do you think that will get you? Just like your friends and their families who post here, I fear for your family too. I've seen the photos you have of your children up on your web page; they are all very good looking, the little ones seem so beautiful and innocent, but with you as their parent, they are doomed (How could you name your son afer Keith Richards anyway?). The things you believe in - and don't believe in, will affect them. You think it's good to raise your children as Atheists? You think it's healthy to practice Naturism? It's bad enough adults practice this perverted lifestyle, but why they drag their children into it is beyond me! I would bet that most children who take part in Naturism are more than likely being molested by others and will grow up to be molesters too when they reach adulthood. The fact that you also accept Gays as friends endangers your children also. Plus, that town you live in, my gosh, I didn't think there could be a place as awful as San Francisco! You may not think your into the Devil, but both the Devil and God exist, and you will be joining Satan for sure when your time is up. Like your beloved Rolling Stones and fellow Gassers, you will not get into Heaven!

I hope most of you will get to read this post before Keno deletes it, as I know he will. Again, I'm not a spammer, and this is my first and last post here, as I'm done studying you sinful people. But you can be saved if you just believe in Jesus, and read your Bible! For the sake of your children, or the entire world, please consider doing this. God does love even sinner and he does forgive. You can still make it into Heaven if you really change.

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