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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto
Date: Saturday, May 16, 2020
Time: 3:00:36 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto

Keno, thank you very much for your offer to help, but panic over, MEZ has turned up. So it's big relief all round.

True, 'insane' leaders we've had a few, and the present lodgers in the Big Hoose, and in number 10 respectively, are a couple of beauties. I think both are the result of the abandoning of their core vote by the Democrats in the U.S.A., and the Labour Party in the U.K., over a fairly lengthy period. In a more general sense they are the result of the failure of Social Democracy, and ultimately, the failure of Capitalism to meet large sections of society's aspirations, at one end, and basic needs, at the other. Desperate people make desperate choices.

I can't comment too much on the electoral process in the U.S., but I'm curious to find out how things will develop in a Presidential Election year, if this virus is not under control. How do rallies, Conventions, polling etc, get carried out safely? What would be the role of Electoral Colleges? What powers pass to the President in a 'National Emergency'?

If you reckon that the U.S. Presidential Election system is past it's sell by date, I can confirm that the U.K.'s first past the post system for General Elections, is no longer fit for purpose. If I give an example; in the 2015 General Election, U.K.I.P. got 14'6% of the vote, and returned 1 Member to Parliament. In the same Election, the Scottish Nationalists got under 5% of the vote, and returned 56 MP's to Westminster. No matter one's own particular political bias, it's clear that millions are not having their views properly represented.

Lol no, I don't think you ever mentioned wife swapping. As I said it was just a tongue in cheek thing. I had been thinking about your post, and from that, just got thinking about life as you've described it over the years, in a small isolated (would it be fair to say, unusual) mountain community. I just thought if you were doing a (humorous) blog about it as a 'story', you might want to take some license and weave in a bit of salacious. I could just as easily have said satanic ritual or something equally juicy. As it turns out you've got some 'swapping' stories.

You've got plenty of stories, and thoughts, and knowledge of lots of things. 'Gasland' itself will have a million stories needing to be told, and you were there from first to last. I think I've strayed into book territory. Get it written lol.

I wouldn't be much use to you when it comes to writing 'style', I'm afraid. I suppose I picked up some discipline when I was studying for my professional qualification. They were ruthless on the word counting, but one could get an extension no problem lol.

My grammar, and spelling are suspect, and punctuation is the bane of my life...I scatter commas about like they're going out of fashion. There are online 'free' aids like 'Grammarly' around, and perhaps someone in town could do a bit of editing for you, if you get this up and running. Anyway, since you first mentioned it, I've thought that in the absence of 'Gasland', it was a good idea.

Thanks again for your consideration, and yes, sorry to hear about Astrid Kischherr. I read a bit about her when I learned she had died. Funny how it was only some 15 or 16 years after Hamburg was flattened by the Allies, Astrid, and her German 'Existentialist' friends were 'looking' to the out of reach U.K. and U.S. for direction, but found France. That apparently is where the 'Beatle cut' originated.

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