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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Time: 5:57:21 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto

Thank you Keno, and yes, I do believe it is my first appearance since back then.

No, that's the thing Keno, nobody has anything for MEZ, and I came here to see if anybody had posted on here, you being the obvious candidate i.e. if anybody has contact info, it'll be you....nobody had posted, so I did....and lo and behold, you do have an email address.

I think if you have said that email addresses would never be given out then I think you should stay with that. That being the case, could I prevail on your good nature, and ask that you perhaps drop him a line? Just a 'some friends are concerned' type email, you'll know how to word it...thanks.

Yeah this is the first time I've been about. Like I say, I was never a big voter in the polls, I did vote but not all the time, but I did like reading the comments, and sometimes chipped in. So I've lurked about to see what's going down, and I was aware that when Gasland was winding down, you had said that you were considering a blog. So I was pleased to note that it was off, and running....well, not quite running, you were debating with yourself whether or not it was a blog lol... but at least it was off, if you know what I mean...

I think the blog is a great idea, and you have journalistic experience, you can write. You have told stories for years at Gasland, the last I remember being the explosion, and fire, in that small community, while you were there on business. You are to the left of centre in politics, and have things to say. You are into nature, the weather etc etc...

All in all I would say that you have more than enough material at your disposal, to feed a blog. As I say, you have experience of writing, no doubt at times, to a deadline. I presume you have mucho time on your hands at the moment as well, so?

Since I saw your reply to my previous post, I've been thinking about your/my/everybody's situation, and the importance of writing, be it your memoires, instructions in the event of your demise, where the money's stashed etc etc and so on. That's all a bit morbid, but I think there's plenty of scope for humour, satire, and dark humour, in a blog. In fact I don't think there's been a better time in my lifetime, for the old gallows humour.

I did come up with some lighter nonsense (lol) for your blog Keno, based on what I was saying earlier on about your material etc. And I definitely think you should tell a 'story', exaggerate, tart it up, it's got to be entertaining if you want people to keep are some totally tongue in cheek ideas I thought your blog could be sub titled, and about.......

'Crestone Capers' that could be about all the animal stories you have, like that one you told about the bear. You will have lots of that stuff, encounters, and the like. You could put the bat cave stuff there, you could broaden it out to include the human stories, the nude hot pools, the wife swapping, the weekly trip down to the Krestone Krazy Kuts to get the groceries, who you met, what they said etc.....

'Cabin Fever' that could be like your 'Lockdown' diary blog. You would just talk about what life spent indoors is like, which no doubt, over time, the reader, and responder, will gradually pick up on your psychological disintegration....there's a guy doing this sort of stuff on youtube, Jonathan Pie, he's good.....thinking about, and writing this sort of rubbish, to pass some time, is a revealing glimpse of what direction my sanity is travelling in, during 'Lockdown' lol.

'A View From The Hill' I liked this sub this one you could give your views on the political issues (issue, at the moment) of the day, spit out a diatribe in Trump's direction, -talk about your creed, what belief grounds you, all that sort of thing.

So all that, in a stoned sort of fashion, is saying I think you should start 'blogging'. Doing it here would mean there is room for comment which is as it should be. Blogging without allowing 'comment', is absolutely pointless, I think.

Aye, politics....I totally get where you are coming from on freedoms, restrictions on, and the virus, and agree. However I think it's worth remembering that laws introduced to deal with a 'National Emergency', have a tendency to linger on.

I guess I'll have to leave it to you, and your fellow Americans, to have the say on Trump. I only hope that I, and my fellow subjects, get an early chance to pass verdict on the 'buffoonic popinjay', here. Somehow the people of the U.K. (lets be honest here, the English Working Class), have contrived to put 'Coco the Clown' in number 10.

Aye, politics, there is no getting away from them, everything is political. Life itself is political, even before you are out of the womb.

Well old timer, keep the head down, and hope we come out of the other end of this as unscathed as is possible....I'm off to skin up another.Before I go can I ask you to keep in mind what I asked re MEZ?......thanks again.

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