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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Time: 4:49:21 PM
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RE: RE: Reply to Pluto

Nice to see you back here, I believe this is your first post since Gasland closed in Jan of last year. I'll just reply back to you in - what I like to call - the old Netscape email way.... It's the only way to reply to somebody and not forget to cover what one might have asked you in the first place.... so....

pluto wrote:

I liked your blog, that wasn't a blog, or was it? Matters not, it was entertaining, even if the subject matter was tedious (for yourself). Keep 'em coming I say.

I'm glad you liked it, but yeah, I even noted in it that it wasn't really a true blog, and because I hadn't read it in about a week, I had to reread it just now to recall how it was written, and now it seems like even less of a blog and more of a post reply. Overall, I'm more than likely a better storyteller than a blogger, but there is a fine line between the 2. But I always saw in the board's logs that stories told at the old Gasland always got the most pageviews. But sometimes when you write a story, you want to inject other things into it, like current events and other things/comments and then sooner or later it may not be a story anymore - but more so a blog... I guess I need to think of what it is that I really want to write about first before I get more into this. I got several old Google news stories, newspaper articles, and newspaper columns that I wrote in the past (most a few years ago) up on my very old home page and been wanting to do something with them - like park them somewhere else. But parts of those were written like a blog I would say, but no questions they were stories, too. A lot of my old newspaper columns were 100% stories, other than my "Living on the Earth" articles that I used to write for the Crestone Eagle monthly for several years - they were true newspaper articles that told a story. But the readers loved them, so I was told. After I stopped writing them a good 6 or 7 years ago, others took over the column and today it's still a regular feature in that paper, yet again, I haven't had anything to do with it in years now, and I only write up the weather report today for that paper. I really am mainly a retired guy these days.

...this weeks poll; I am a fan of pop psych, and the Lemon Pipers' 'Green Tambourine' is a good one. Can I suggest though, that the 'b' side 'No Help From Me', is the better....I hear it played occasionally on the 'mod' scene, here..

Damn, I hadn't heard that one in years - to the point I didn't think I ever heard it before, didn't recall the title. But I just did a web search and played it and do recall it now. I was thinking this one was a song I recalled in the past made by Steppenwolf when I heard it, but nope, I now see it was the Lemon Pipers! Wow, cool to hear that again and find out who it actually was!

My primary reason for dropping by, is an old poster here, MEZ...a few people out there in the Rolling Stones Internet Community, are getting a bit concerned, MEZ just hasn't been around, when we might have expected him to be around. Thing is, nobody seems to have a name, or number, or email addy etc. So it would be much appreciated if anybody reading this, has anything...

I have his email address, I guess I could give it out to you via email but then again, maybe not? I kinda told everybody years ago I won't give out their email address to anymore. Also, what I got was from 2004 and might not be good anymore, too. My guess is you already tried this old address yourself. Just hope Mez is okay!

gomper had written this in another post:

"It should no more be a political issue that airline safety should be"..........

Then P wrote this:

With respect, can't agree with you there gomper. I think this pandemic has revealed in a very brutal way, the class nature of society, and the need for social change......(he went on from there with his point... and answered it with this):It's political, and answers to a lot of questions are required now, it's urgent. Political ideology disguised as getting the Nation back to work in a safe way etc is going to see a lot more of our fellow citizens die, if we allow it.....I know the U.K. is not the U.S., but has it been any different, really?

I agree that while things would be better if this wasn't a political thing - sadly it has become one, in part thanks to tRump! He made it political from the very start - calling it a Democratic hoax and other insane crap on that level. I think this pandemic is so political now thanks to this idiot, that it has done one thing for sure - I really think trump has dug himself yet another big hole with his insane remarks and this time he won't be able to dig himself out of it. So that will be perhaps the only good to come from this virus, the end and downfall of King tRump.

But what gets me are these fools that are crying that their rights are being taken away. What total buffoons and in a way their actions could affect innocent people who have nothing to do with them! Example: In a small mainly conservative Colorado town between Colorado Springs and Denver on I-25, a restaurant there went and opened their doors on Mothers Day to anybody who wanted in and made a big deal about how they were gonna go about it the day before - and noted that people didn't have to be seated apart or be required to have to wear masks. So on Sunday morning the place was packed with you can guess, trump supporters, none of whom were wearing masks and the joint had every table filled to the rim since all of the other restaurants in Colorado are still closed (except for take out and delivery)- until at least May 26. So the health department closed then down that afternoon and took away their licence for a month at the least. I hope the fools lose their licence forever! But, while this town is hours away from where I live, it's located in a very busy part of the state. Us seniors here in Colorado have been told that while some are now starting to go back to work, that all folks over 65 should still stay inside for at least another 2 weeks. You can bet that some of those morons that went to that restaurant on Sunday - will for sure get sick - and pass the virus on to many others, including people they don't know. If enough folks get sick because this stupid restaurant opening, in turn, within 2 weeks time Colorado could be totally back under the stay at home order all over again, while us old farts still haven't even been out yet! So thanks to all you assholes from Castle Rock, or where ever you came from, for dining in and supporting this illegally opened joint! You single handedly may have just made things worse for everybody else who is sane.

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