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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, May 11
Date: Monday, May 11, 2020
Time: 5:00:01 PM
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RE: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, May 11

Hi Keno good to see that you are soldiering on in these strange, and difficult times. I can understand your concern over your grandson, the whole scene doesn't sound ideal, to say the least.

Nice to see a few old faces are still here. I've never really been one for the polls so to speak, but I do occasionally lurk in the shadows, and have a peek. I liked your blog, that wasn't a blog, or was it? Matters not, it was entertaining, even if the subject matter was tedious (for yourself). Keep 'em coming I say.

Just on this weeks poll; I am a fan of pop psych, and the Lemon Pipers' 'Green Tambourine' is a good one. Can I suggest though, that the 'b' side 'No Help From Me', is the better....I hear it played occasionally on the 'mod' scene, here...I digress....

My primary reason for dropping by, is an old poster here, MEZ...a few people out there in the Rolling Stones Internet Community, are getting a bit concerned, MEZ just hasn't been around, when we might have expected him to be around. Thing is, nobody seems to have a name, or number, or email addy etc. So it would be much appreciated if anybody reading this, has anything...I've put up my email address....thanks.

"It should no more be a political issue that airline safety should be"..........

With respect, can't agree with you there gomper. I think this pandemic has revealed in a very brutal way, the class nature of society, and the need for social change. If I talk of the U.K. it was political ideology that found this country's Health and Care system woefully unprepared to the extent that 200 in those professions have died for want of personal protective equipment....It has revealed that the army of workers keeping our society running doing the vital work, are mostly being paid below the 'living wage'....these workers are totally vulnerable...and no prizes for guessing who's doing most of the dying. I could go on.

It's political, and answers to a lot of questions are required now, it's urgent. Political ideology disguised as getting the Nation back to work in a safe way etc is going to see a lot more of our fellow citizens die, if we allow it.....

I know the U.K. is not the U.S., but has it been any different, really?

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