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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto
Date: Sunday, May 17, 2020
Time: 2:03:36 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto

Yeah, but Mez turned up thanks to you asking me to write him and that did the trick. Anyway, he told me that he's just taking a break from forums, like most of us like to do every so often.

.....if this virus is not under control. How do rallies, Conventions, polling etc, get carried out safely? What would be the role of Electoral Colleges? What powers pass to the President in a 'National Emergency'?

Some heavy questions there. As far as the upcoming elections go, they are in danger in many states thanks to the virus and a President who wants to see just that, since at this point even he knows that a fixed election (like the last time) is the only way he can win. Lucky for me, I live in one of the few states (there's only 5 total) where all the federal elections, including for electing a president, is done 100% by mail, and it works almost perfect with pretty much zero fraud, and saves the state(s) lots of our tax money too, since there's no pollimg places to staff and to pay for, etc. It's much more simple to do as far as the voters see it, that's why we see large increases in voter turnout. But that is why Trump is trying to block voting by mail. A bigger voter turnout kills him, he flat out said it himself a few weeks ago - he said that republicans would never get elected again if there was 100% voting by mail, and he's right (for once!). So he lies and claims (over and over) that voting by mail is full of fraud - which is a flat out total lie- voting by mail is perhaps the safest way to vote, and its been proven! But yes, with less than 30% of the population being registered as republicans, the more people who votes and the chances for getting a person from the GOP into office gets slimmer which evey extra person who takes their time to vote.

Voting by mail is the safest way to vote and it turns out the most voters, it works flat out great and should be used in every state - not only in 5! If there was ever a reason for other states to try it this fall - with the virus being around, this should be when it happens. But you can bet your last buck that if you have a republican governor, the chance for voting by mail in your state this november is at or near zero. But here and in the other 4 states where there is also 100% voting by mail, these 5 states are all gonna be fine and the virus won't be of any concerns and won't affect the elections at all. But holy shit, watch out for them other states, where all kinds of problems will happen if the virus is still a problem this fall. Bottom line: Very low voter turnout equals tRump's only chance of winning reelection.

What powers do a U.S. president have? Too much. Example, and something I fear could happen next January when it will be time in the U.S. to swear in a new president, after we the people kick his ass out of office. King trump could - anytime before he leaves office, declare a country wide state of emergency and declare because of the emergency, that he will not relinquish power on January 20 like he is suppose to - and for at least several months (or longer?) he could get away with it. I could see this happen, especially since he already knows that New York state is going to file criminal charges against him - which they can't file until he leaves office. I think this is his main reason for him to run for reelection. It isn't like he likes to work, we all know that.

I have folks tell me often enough that I should write a book. But I already did write one and it sold okay, but it was of course a Stones photo book, and while it was written about a band I do know a lot about, it was never the book I wanted to write. I was asked to write it by the former Stones and Rock n Roll photographer, Philip Kamin. He had a bunch of Stones photos that he never had publish before and that was why he wanted me to help him put together a new photo book of his work (he has many such books). So that's why that took place, and I did find out one thing, writing a book in the matter that I wrote that one, was easy to me, it was almost like writing a newspaper article - only just a lot longer. But it wasn't the kind of book I ever wanted to write, either.

My grammar, and spelling are suspect, and punctuation is the bane of my life...I scatter commas about like they're going out of fashion.

Are you kidding? That's me! Newspaper editors both love me and hate me! They are guaranteed a job for life with me around, but I bet having to correct such errors drives them a bit batty after awhile. I can't spell to save my life, that's my biggest problem - but bless auto-spell is all I can say, so that one major problem I have in writing is of no big deal to my editors, since I auto-spell everything (including this) and they see none of that. But they see the rest! Here at this board, I got to be my own editor, and usually I won't spot any errors until hours after I post. I guess it's a part of the word blindness you suffer from when you are dyslexic, which I am. I notice such mistakes hours after the fact, but not as I type out anything. But since I've been this way my entire life, I don't let it bug me or ever get in my way, either. One just has to be more aware of stuff like this and that's the best way to deal with such an issue.

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