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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto
Date: Friday, May 15, 2020
Time: 5:59:55 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: Reply to Pluto

It's funny (and sad at the same time), but it's also clear to those of us living in the States, that what you're writing about the politics in England - is pretty much the same as to what is going down here in the U.S., which is, deep down, very sad indeed. Two of the once greatest countries on the planet, are now - and have been - totally run into the ground - all thanks to our insane leaders - well at least here in the U.S. anyway. Only here can a so called "elected leader", who is nothing but a true loser - while losing the popular vote by 3 million votes, still gets the job,so in reality he wasn't elected at all by the people. But he is the main reason our once great country is now in ruins. No, it isnít messed up thanks to the virus - even if that isn't helping things, itís fucked thanks to a man who has no clue on how to run things. Then I canít help but think of whom the Dems have put up to run against this King Pig - perhaps the one person on Earth who's the most boring old man alive today! They couldn't find somebody - anybody - better than Joe Biden? There was once, what, 24 Dems running, and Joe would have been my 23rd third pick out of all of them. Only that crazy gal from Hawaii was worst (Tulsi Gabbard), but let's face it, she is a Democrat in name only and is just a female version of tRump. But with all of that said, Joe will still make a better president than the piece of crap running the show at the moment - even if that isn't saying much, as any child over 12 would do a better job than trump - and be smarter, which is perhaps so close to the truth that his being in charge is what has always frightens me the most!

But getting to what you wrote in your other reply. It was good to hear whatís happening on your side of the pond. Yeah, we get news stories all the time for there and the rest of Europe and Asia, but itís always better to hear firsthand from the normal, everyday folk of the land. Thatís why what you noted in general about things there are more interesting to read from you than say the BBC, or American outlets covering the story. Donít get me wrong. I think the total opposite of the media than trump feels, maybe because I used to be a part of it myself. But I can see the light and yes, while they do have balance reporting (other than Foxís so-called news). I rather hear it from a dude like yourself.

So perhaps you posting here more often would egg me on to write more again? Thing is, I always hated deadlines with a passion. Yet in the last 18 years while living in this town and writing for the local paper - that was what I was looked at the paper - as being best at. Whenever they were at a deadline and needed a story written up in just a few hoursí time, for Kiz, the paperís editor and owner, I was the one she always turned to first. She would always pay me a bit more for that kind of work. Iíd get a call from her like, ďKeno, can you write me something up in the next 2 hours , about 400 words long, aboutÖĒ (whatever, sometimes it didnít matter what was needed, she just would ask me to write anything to fill in extra space). So I would come up with something, and always something good, as while I hated writing in that matter, I was real good at it. The other thing I never really knew about (only until a year ago or so), was that most of the other writers for the paper werenít even paid; only myself and 2 or 3 of the other main writers were (or should I say, are), and I never knew that for all of those years. So it is nice to be well liked in that way I guess, even as a small town newspaper reporter, being one of just a few in town is cool to know.

Now Iím not too sure where your ďwife swappingĒ comments came from, as I have zero knowledge in any of that and never been into such an act. Yet back when I was still a kid and not even married yet, I had one experienced with something close to that which involved others, although even they werenít married and just lived together. I may have told that story here, but it was in the late 70s in southern New Mexico on an old fashion hippy commune where all the adults were into swapping their mates Ė every night it seemed. I had just met my future wife a couple of months earlier in Colorado, but she wasnít with me at the time, as she had to get back to Florida for her divorce with her first husband. So I took a trip to southern New Mexico where I stayed on this commune for about 2 weeks. I left because of the mate swapping that nobody else there saw anything wrong with. Hey, to each his own. But I also had a close friend who I grew up with, whoís parents were into wife swapping other than he didnít open up to me and tell me why his parents were never around until he hit his teens when they divorced. Yet I always knew he was holding something back. I half blamed them after he died of an overdose, even if he seemed to think he had great parents. But talk about a messed-up family, his mom ended up marring his dadís sister. Then one of his older brothers died of an overdose and about 5 years after that he was gone too. The crazy thing was after his death, his parents got back together and remarried each other, and in old age they died something like a week apart form each other. So anyway, thatís my only real 2 experience in wife swapping, but it for the mot part turns me off. Yet I still believe in to each his own, too.

As far as political issues, I never totally stopped talking about them, only perhaps for a bit after our dictator stole the last election I guess, then I kind of shut up talking about it for a couple of years since over all I was sick of it and felt it was just a waste of time. Most folks where I live think exactly in the way I think, yet in the end, there isnít too much we can do when the U.S. presidential elections here are so corrupt and the majority of the people votes donít even really count. They may count in all of the other local and state elections Ė but letís face it, the Republicans last two winners for the White House both lost their elections in the popular vote and yet both men got in. Thatís fair? No, itís total BS and the only way the GOP gets into office Ė and the stupid Dems let it happen by doing nothing at all to stop it from happening in the future.

So anyway, while I know I could still write once a week or maybe just once a month about different topics like I used to do more so when Gasland was still open, thereís that lazy part of me that doesnít wish to be bothered. But with the pandemic Iíve become very bored staying at home all the time, and have felt a bit more like writing again. Guess Iím also missing my grandson Coop a bunch. I just got so used to his always being around me, especially after his grandmother passed away in 2011. Thatís was how it was for well over 30 years with me and her, mainly always being around each other. Even after we divorced way back in Ď86 and even remarried others in the early Ď90s, we never really broke-up with each other and by the late Ď90s we were living again together, and in the early Ď00s we had our grandson to raise together Ė until she got sick with lung cancer and moved down south, since she couldnít breath in Coloradoís thin air anymore. So then after that it was just me and the boy. Then he graduated from High School a year ago last May and a few months later got this dangerous job near where his mother lives (at a log splitting factory), an hour from here, so he was staying with her and his stepdad since. Until the pandemic hit, then he stayed with me for a week and then moved in with his latest girlfriend. He was supposed to go back to work last week but the county where his job is at had a big increase in COVID19 cases and they delayed the reopening for another 2 weeks. The crazy thing is, thanks to the extra money the feds put into the Statesí unemploymentís benefits, heís making an extra $100 a week while being laid off!

Shit I could talk forever about this pandemic here I bet, and have been doing so just a bit at the close of the Poll Post each week, but maybe all of us are getting sick of hearing about it now? Then I could also talk about my family and parenting, too, and Iíve done that a bit in the past here also. I guess all parents have interesting stories about their kids to share. But do others really want to read that? Never been sure on that, unless one gives other parents advice, something Iíve never done. Iíve just told stories on how I raised my kids in a totally different way than as most other parents raised their kids. But while I feel that hippys never made for being good parents, hippies on the other hand, do. Yet while I miss my grandson being around now, Iím very pleased to be totally done in rising little ones for the rest of my life.

One last thing, your writing style Pluto is more like the style used in writing a blog than mine - anyway! Nice short sentences and paragraphs Ė thatís how a blog should be written. My style of writing is using much longer paragraphs and at times too many words. That was always the one complaint from my newspaper editors, I would write 1500 words when they only wanted 600 or so, yet in the end, they rarely ever edited what I would write and they would publish every word that I wrote in the end. When you get paid by the column inch, as is the case for most newspapers, that makes you even more money per article. Yet that was never why I used to write in such a way. It was just my style of writing, really just storytelling, and anybody who ever read Gasx3 knows that of me, for sure.

PS, I'll write Mez an email in the next day.

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