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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: guns (nsc)
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017
Time: 12:35:19 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: guns (nsc)

That is a GREAT point, idea and plan SCS!.... People who want change should definitely start with themselves and set the example that they are stumping about.

But not if they don't believe in the point he makes, and I don't believe in what he is asking me to do, not at all, so why should I do it? I understand his point of view on this, and I respect it too. But I just don't agree it would ever work because it can't work, not in this country, there are way too many guns around to begin with to get rid of.

But you just can't take guns away from all law abiding citizens - and shouldn't. Good people just don't turn into mad gun killers one day out of the blue as was suggested. The people who do things like this are mentally ill from the start and just don't snap one day. People around them know many years before that there is something wrong with them and such people should never be allowed to ever buy a single gun. That nut from Texas clearly showed he was a very sick man his entire adult life, but thanks to the lax gun laws we have, the Air Force never told anybody outside of their military court about him, and you can in part thank the lax gun laws for this in allowing his problems to be swept under the rug and his being allowed to purchase guns.

Should people be limited in how many guns they can own?... Okay, I have no problem with that, but some do. But if they limit how many pot plants we can grow in the states where weed is legal, and if a harmless plant that grows naturally in the ground can be limited in that way, then I guess gun ownership can have a limit too. Does anybody need more than let's say, 2 guns each? A handgun for protection in their home, and a rifle for hunting. I don't hunt, yet when I used to go to the gun range, it was my old rifle that I shot with most of the time. I never really enjoyed shooting with my handgun. But yes, now that I don't shoot anymore because of my arthritis, I might still like my rifle, but I really have no need for one anymore and I could give that one up today. Yet it's my handgun that I would use to protect my home and self after a close encounter with any wildlife.

Since I have no preteen children living in my home, I have no need to lock up my guns, and if I did lock then up, then they would be useless when needed. That's why they aren't. My grandson, who's 17, thanks to his stepdad and not me, used to have a BB gun and liked shooting it. While BB guns are considered safe by most people, they really aren't if you hit somebody at a super close range, as in that case, they can penetrate the skin. It's very unlikely, but can and has happened. But his mother allowed him to have one and I told him he could only shoot it around his stepdad at their place, which is an hour away from here. Then one moonless, very dark night last year, I come home and as I drove down my driveway, which is actually a long but small one way dirt road, and the reflector where the driveway makes a sharp turn towards the house, and which is very much needed in the pitch dark, wasn't there! So the next morning I went out to see what happened to it. I found in the light of day that it's pole was still there, but the reflector had been shot out my then 16 year old grandson the day before! At least he admitted doing it, but he lost his BB gun that day, as I took it away from him and he hasn't asked me for it back, since he knows that day won't ever come. BTW, he also doesn't have a clue as to where my loaded handgun is kept, nor where my rifle's ammo is hidden and locked up.

As far as writing my newspaper on this, that would be a waste of time. This is the west, and out here, most people support gun ownership, including liberals like myself. But just about all of us support gun control here already, too. The town I live in couldn't be more liberal and to the left, and I mean that. I also know what most gun owners in the country want gun control, as a CBS News/New York Times poll found as many as 92% of gun owners and 86% of Republicans, support some kind of gun control! Only those belonging to the NRA are against gun control, yet these few are the only ones heard in most debates on the matter. The NRA and all of it's money and it's control in DC is why. But in my town, my guess is 99.8% of the gun owners also support gun control. I don't know of a single person who belongs to the NRA here, but I bet there's one or two living here who I don't known, who do. Nothing anywhere is 100%, but there's no reason for me to write about it in the paper as SCS suggests. I would only be preaching to the choir if I did.

But again, taking away guns from everybody in the country would never work, even if we tried to. 1 in 3 Americans own a gun, and there are a total of 323.1 million Americans out there as of '16. It would be near impossible to take all those guns away from all of those people, that is just never gonna happen here. But still, less than 5 million people belong to the NRA, that's only what, 1.5% ?, yet they get all the say in this matter, thanks to the millions the NRA gives to our money hungry reps in Congress. So that's why I say it's the U.S. Congress, the president, and the NRA who are to blame, since they are who are standing in the way of any reasonable gun control. It would be a lot easier to get rid of them by voting them out of office, than to get rid of all the guns out there. So that's where we should start, IMO.

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