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Name: Shattered
Subject: Oh Dino Dino Dino
Date: Saturday, October 07, 2017
Time: 6:18:39 AM
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Oh Dino Dino Dino

Interesting memory I have about the Dean Martin Show.

OK we all know he made fun of the Stones when he had them on The Hollywood Palace.

Years later, before the new 1973 television season was about to start (remember TV Guide's Fall Preview editions?) I read in Billboard magazine that the Dean Martin show was going to have a new segment. This new segment would spotlight the #1 song on that week's Billboard Hot 100 chart. (If a song stayed too long at #1 they would spotlight the #1 album, then go to the C&W chart.....)

"Wow" I thought. 🤔 "That sounds nice!"

Well guess what? Just one month into that new 73/74 season, ANGIE hit #1!!! ( "Goats Head Soup" hit #1 that same week😃)

I couldn't wait to see how Dino-boy was going to handle THAT!

That night finally came! I'm glued to the TV. I'm watching...and watching...and the goddam segment never happened. 😱 😭

You think the Stones might have had something to do with that Ronnie?

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