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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? lsc
Date: Saturday, March 04, 2017
Time: 11:34:54 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? lsc

Well my friend, it's Saturday, and I'm not gonna spend the day looking for where I read all this years ago (and I'm pretty sure I read it on the net). I did do one single, fast check to see what Wikipedia had to say - and yes, what you note about Wikipedia is true, it may say one thing one week and another the next since so many different people change things there (read some of the BS they claim about the Stones on there that is untrue).

Since years ago I would read and rely more on Wikipedia for info on stuff like this, I was thinking that's where I read all of this - and that may be the case, but looking real fast today - there's nothing about him being into necrophiliac on that site (but it don't mean it ain't true, either, or that I might have first read it there years ago). But the better question to you is: Why do you think I would want to make something so sick like that up? You must think real low of me to think in that matter, but no, I didn't make it up at all and I definitively read it online years ago. It would be a terrible thing to make up about anybody, dead or alive, and my bet is that it wasn't made up by anybody. You can bet that you aren't the only fan he has and that if this was up on Wikipedia, then maybe a fan of his took it down, and that's why it's not up there anymore? Plus if it's true, I'm sure it would be up on another site somewhere, and if you spend an hour or so looking for it you may find it. It just isn't important to me to do that, and yes, it could be that it wasn't true.

However, on Wikipedia pretty much all of the other stuff I read about this nut is all there to different degrees, including that he was into the dead and body parts. Wikipedia even names one of the people who's body parts he may have collected, this copied from there where they are going over some of the things he did or had problems with: "In January 1967, police in Tattingstone, Suffolk, discovered two suitcases containing mutilated body parts of Bernard Oliver. According to some accounts, Meek was afraid of being questioned by the Metropolitan Police". What is missing from that sentence is did they find these parts at his home? They make it sound like that's the case, and try to connect him to it. Yet that isn't what I read years ago about him, what I read was that he collected dead body parts that he claimed from whoever he purchased then from, that it was for medical research he was working on. Why would a record producer need to research dead body parts, or spend his time recording the dead at different grave yards (noted at Wikipedia, along with a slightly different story about him communicating with cats than what I first read, but still his thinking that cats talked to him in human voices). Then he also had an obsession with the late Buddy Holly that I didn't know about until just reading that at Wikipedia - claiming the late American rocker had communicated with him along with other dead rock and roll musicians. Then finally, there's nothing on Wikipedia on how long he was living at that apartment building where he also set up his studio, or if he knew his landlady for years or just months, but does it matter, or does it mean that you didn't read elsewhere that he was close to her and knew her for years? No, of course it doesn't mean that anymore than me reading about him having sex with the dead. But what is 100% true is that he killed this woman and himself over something totally insane, even if you feel such an act is not crazy.

To me, he was clearly more a nut than Spector was/is, but it really doesn't matter to what degree, but he was off the deep end, yet you don't think so, even if you believe 2 of the crazy stories told about him. Fine, if those 2 things that you do believe are true, and they are, yet you don't think that's grounds for others to think he's off the wall, and you feel he wasn't crazy at all, as you noted, that's your belief, and I nor others can't change your outlook on what makes one crazy, so it ain't worth arguing over this anymore, as I withdraw from this debate knowing I made my points on this and there's nothing more for me to add to it. Just one last note: Marvin Gaye's dad was a total nut IMO, I mean he killed his own son over nothing at all, but you don't think that killing others is a sign of mental illness while I do (again, unless you kill another over self defense, which is different).

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