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Name: Fender Bender
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? lsc
Date: Sunday, March 05, 2017
Time: 9:47:52 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? lsc

Tone deafness is a somewhat relative term. Trained musicians who can read and perform complex music can be tone deaf. Their downfall is not being able to audibly recognize whether they've made any mistakes in the process. And a member of a listening audience can also be tone deaf, but in a more positive sense since any cracked notes would probably sound just fine. Meek was known to compose hundreds of songs, both with lyrics and instrumental. He is said to have captured the melodies by humming them and capturing the results on tape, or having a transcriber handy who could put the notes to paper. So perhaps he was not great at carrying a tune but there was enough melodic and rhythmic structure present to convey to the musicians who would be on the recordings. Another fascinating factoid I discovered about Meek is that he had thousands of hours of unreleased tapes stored in tea chests at the time of his death. After being gathered up put in storage, they were sold cheaply at auction decades ago. They are now referred to as the "Tea Chest Recordings". Based on what little I've read, I can't be sure as to what has become of them or whether the owner has or intends to release them. There are literally dozens of Meek compilations (many on CD, some vinyl or digital) available on Amazon, Discogs, et al., with a wide variation in track listings, so perhaps some of those current commercial releases are from the tapes?

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