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Name: Fatmo
Subject: RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? nsc
Date: Friday, March 03, 2017
Time: 3:46:15 PM
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RE: Anyone Remember The Honeycombs? nsc

Joe was definitely at 304 Holloway Road from when he had his first number one UK hit with "Johnny Remember Me" by John Leyton, a "death ditty" where a dead girl tells her lover to remember her. He shot his landlady in 1967. That's a minimum of 6 years at 304 Holloway Road. It may be longer as I am only sure he was at that address in 1961 when he had the number 1 hit. It's true that Joe believed that he could possibly communicate with dead people and spent time in graveyards trying to pick up ghostly sounds. However "necrophilia" is a bit strong. I don't think he went beyond the usual kind of mediumistic stuff. Odd and eccentric yes, dangerous, no. As for his landlady, they knew each other very well and she loved to be introduced to all the famous people coming in and out of 304 Holloway Road. Soundproofing was an issue and when she felt Joe went too far she would bang on the ceiling with a brush (sometimes ruining Meek's recordings in the process). Anyway, the point is she willingly put up with it for many years and in spite of the problems, she kind of looked on Joe as a son. On the day of the tragedy, Joe Meek had been arguing with everyone and when she was told about it she said "let me go and talk with him". She was heard to say "calm down Joe" before the gun blasts were heard. When the people rushed into the room both landlady (Violet Shenton) and Meek were dead. Personally, I don't think Meek was crazy at all. I have no doubts about Spector on the other hand. Both were influential and innovative music producers though.

One of Meek's tricks was to apply compression on his tracks and he often speeded tapes up. He told the Honeycombs that it didn't matter what tempo they played HITR at, because he would just speed up the tape to the desired speed later.

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