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Name: nankerphelge
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Subject: '81 polished???
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 12:40:17 PM
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'81 polished???

Not a chance -- they had a great big stage, but as they were predominantly daytime shows, there was no light show to speak of and no large screens to project the band. As SS noted, to reach audience member # 80,000 in the top, back row, Mick and his multicolored sportswear were coke-fueled all over the place with a little cherry picker to throw some roses.

As for the band -- it was ther Stones + 2 pianos and the occasional sax -- no backup singers, no horn section -- way more raw than '89-'99

As for the sound, '81 just didn't have it -- the guitars sounded tinny (hell I think '78 actually sounds better than '81).

Sorry Wayne, but had you been there, you might appreciate the rawness of '81 compared to the last decade.

As for Tattoo You being great -- yeah it was. SOme Girls was so awesome and then the limp-dicked ER hit the air. It was commercially successful, but for many of us we wondered how the same band could produce those 2 albums back to back. Tattoo You was a glorious return to form and provided the feel good sound of the summer of '81 just in time for that tour -- it was just perfect.

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