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Name: Prodigal Son
Subject: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 4:38:19 PM
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RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81

Cubs fan? My Joey Von Baba, I feel for you. Even with Slammin Sammy "Speak Enlgish So-so" Sosa belting 60 a year, the Cubs still can't get to that playoffs to be trounced by a top notch team. I'm sure the last time they won the pennant you were sleeping in cribs. Hell, your dad probably didn't even remember the last World Series they won-1909. I shouldn't talk, my Blue Jays (no laughing folks) put together huge runs in August and September-WHEN THEY'RE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!! Oh but when it's a playoff spot they want-CHOKE! DOWN THE DRAIN! Hell, they gave me two World Series wins in 92 and 93 (albeit it took them free agency to get over the hump), shouldn't bitch. Shoulda chosen the Yankees even in the dark days with only Boggs, Mattingly, O'Neil running the show. Reminds me, why did baseball fans in the US say Canada was trying to steal their game and taint it by winning with Toronto. Because hockey, has become dominated by the US and Canadian teams can't compete but it's no big deal. Hypocrisy. But don't get me wrong, I don't hate Americans. Enough talking.

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