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Name: Sir Stonesalot, C10
Subject: RE: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 10:54:14 AM
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RE: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81

>I think Let's Spend The Night Together is a classic above " Give My Regards To Broadstreet " from Paul McCartney & " Under The Cherry Moon " from Prince.<

Yeah well you're comparing various degrees of shittyness, so what's the point?

>Let's Spend The Night Together is a bomb among fans & non fans alike compared to their classic concert film " Gimme Shelter. "<

No, it's a bomb because it's a really poor film. Hal Ashby did a big time hack job on what could have been a really outstanding opportunity for a great film. There's no continuity...for instance, There's a scene in the middle of the show, where Mick is wandering around aimlessly underneath Sun Devil Stadium. It's obvious that the footage was from the beginning of the show. So what the hell is it doing in the middle of the concert when Mick is to be onstage singing? That's just one example of the disruption in continuity...there's lots more. And what about the use of atrocity footage in the middle of "Time Is On Our Side". What do severed heads on a spike have to do with a love song?

That film is a bomb because of Hal Ashby, not the Stones. The Stones performance is fine, they just fell victim to lousey film-making.

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