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Name: Wayne
Subject: The Rolling Stones of 81
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 8:37:48 AM
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The Rolling Stones of 81

I think the Rolling Stones of 1981 proved that they were still the greatest rock-n-roll band with the album " Tattoo You ", but fell short when it came to their live performances during their tour at that time because the band SOUNDED too professional & too polished. I think Tattoo You is an excellent album with steller songs from beginning to end from " Start Me Up, Little T & A, Waiting On A Friend " without any filler which is what you got with " Emotional Rescue. " I think the Stones should have NEVER released Emotional Rescue because there are only a few excellent tracks on it, the Bee Gees inspired title track sounds ludicrious today unlike " She's So Cold " which is what the Stones are all about. The Stones were smart enough to release some leftover tracks from the " Some Girls " sessions that became part of the album Tattoo You. The movie of the 81 Stones tour " Let's Spend The Night Together " isn't that great compared to their concert film masterpiece of their 69 tour " Gimme Shelter. " Mick Jagger seems to think he's a Las Vegas entertainer like Wayne Newton or something instead of one of the greatest frontmen of all time in rock in the concert documentary. IMO, the Stones were NOT the Rolling Stones that I know in that concert movie of their 81 tour which is disappointing. I think the band were a little bit insecure about their status as rock legends for some reason at that time since it seemed like the band had lost its focus live. The live album " Still Life " of that same tour comes across as MEDIOCRE compared to their classic live album from their 69 tour " Get Yer Yas Yas Out. " All you have to do is listen to the track " Let's Spend The Night Together " from that live album to know what I'm talking when I say the Stones came across as too professional & too polished. The Rolling Stones of 1981 WERE a mixed bag at that time looking back on it from the album to the tour that followed.

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