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Name: marko c10
Subject: RE: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 11:39:58 AM
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RE: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81

I somewhat agree with my mate ss c-10....but to me,this

tour with 75 tour are the best tours of all time of excistence of r&r.Yes TOO MUCH cocaine,too sloppy sometimes,yes,specially 78 tour,but,only,3-4 BAD shows on

81 tour,that tour fucking rocked,and around this time,i

started to LOVE these guys,remember how keef looked back

then?I a guy,who looks like that,plays like that,that must

be the best band in the world.And Marc,i´ll do some more

81 tour for you,,,,even if they sounded a sloppy,dirty

rauncnhy,,,dangerous,that´s what rock roll SHOULD be!

If you could hear shows like,diego,frisco,new york,hartford,cedar falls,chicago,syracuse,pontiac,new

jersey,phoenix,kansas city,hampton,you all would AGREE with

me,ask tony,he knows as well.Btw back then,they sold 2.8

million tickets,or was it 2.5.

And 89 tour,,,hmmm once again i´ve been listening them.

Sound is too POLISHED yes,but,i love the first shows of the

tour,set list was wonderfull,and band was in fire,rest of

the wasn´t that good,just average,shows were loong,but,they

were very tired at the end of the tour.Only exception is

AC,this pay per view show.

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