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Name: moonlightmile C10
Subject: RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001
Time: 9:53:05 AM
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RE: RE: The Rolling Stones of 81

I also dissent in part from Wayne's exceptionally well reasoned, yet flawed analysis. Tattoo You showed that the Stones were still at the top of their game and the '81 tour, at least what little I've heard from it, did nothing to dispell that.

The Hampton '81 boot that I recently got is rapidly becoming my favorite over the few other live ones I have. Even over Brussels Affair. I don't what it is, but that show just seemed like it was more coherent and the band well practiced and rehearsed (which is not the same as "polished" which I take to mean going-thru-the-motions). Surprisingly, I really like Going To A Go-Go now, after hating it back when it got airplay in the Still Life days. Love that thumping backbeat and even the horns, which I usually could care less about. That whole showed rocked.

Am I crazy to love Hampton '81 so much? Man, I don't know jackpiss about these friggin' boots. I'm 2000 light years behind all you CD-burnin, trade list exchanging, boot-talkin, clever bootstards.


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