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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: You can't handle the truth....
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Time: 4:24:19 AM
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RE: RE: RE: You can't handle the truth....

... at least I know that the truth is the truth, unlike Trump's asshole lawyer, who made that insane statement about 2 weeks ago saying that the truth wasn't the truth.

Okay, so I just read all of that stuff at that site... anyway, you gotta wonder just how did they come up with that list? My guess is that none of those places are the best beaches to swim at. I've been to what they rated as #1, Black's Beach at La Jolla, California, and while it was many moons ago, it was at best an okay beach and not the best place to swim at, not even close. Truth is, I've only been to 3 different nude beaches (what can I say, I've lived in landlocked Colorado since the late '70s), plus I've also been to a couple of nudist clubs, and 7 or 8 different nudist hot springs. The best nudist beach I've been to was on Fire Island off of Long Island in NY. For a "best" beach, I would go by how sandy the beach is, and Fire Island is light years bigger and has a ton more sand than any of the ones they showed in those photos. Plus my bet is the water off Fire Island is the best that any beach anywhere has (regardless if you have to wear a suit or not), it's perfect to swim in. Only thing is, it's been over 40 years since I've been there, and does Fire Island still even have a nude beach there anymore? There was also, be it for one summer only, a nude beach at Jones Beach (off Long Island, too), at Field 9 (actually it was nude for about 2 or 3 years until it became official in its final year). That one beach was far off from the other beaches at Jones Beach, several miles away from the others - which for the most part are all next to each other (other than the West End beaches), and Field 9 was by far the smallest field and beach (and to the east of the other beaches). It was the only beach that had it's parking lot filled every day in the summer, since it was so popular and so small. I had the pleasure of working at that very beach that last summer it was open, but sadly, a northeaster hit Long Island one fall night (in 1974, or maybe it was in '75) with 70 mph winds and high surf - and it washed Field 9 into the ocean forever - and it was never rebuilt. The spot it used to be at, well if you went there today you won't even know a fieldhouse and beach was once there. But all that was left after the storm hit was pieces of the parking lot, which was in front of the bathhouse and beach. The building was totally gone and washed away along with the entire beach, as there was a wall of sand about 25 feet high right where the beachhouse was, that wall was formed during the storm and then the water was down below where the beach once was. But my guess is that Jones Beach has had no nude beaches since then, but I can be wrong, and I believe NY the only state where topless bathing for all is allowed for all males and females, and it's allowed everywhere. Then again, I don't know if that actually happens or not in NY today, I just know that many years ago a NY court order was issued saying it had to be one way or the other and that if men could bare their chests, so could women. I guess somebody from NY could fill me in on if that is still the case today or not.

There are of course several towns across America where being nude in public is legal - yet in most of those places nobody goes nude. Other than it was the thing for years in San Francisco, but I understand it was made illegal there about 2 years ago since so many in the downtown parks were shedding their clothes. It's legal to go nude where I live, but other than at the nearby hot springs, other than seeing little kids doing that in the creeks here, I've never once seen a nude adult downtown, and yet we have more naturists living here in our area than any other town in America according to an article written on the subject several years ago (that's going only by percentage wise for the entire population). Yes, in the past I've seen about half of my neighbors nude, but at the local hot springs only (and when we say "neighbors" here, we mean everybody who lives around this area; the town itself only has about 100 people living in it, but another 1700 of us live just outside of town). Plus when I say "half" well it's impossible to know for sure, and that was back when I first moved here 16 years ago and when only about 1,000 folks were living around here. Today I'm sure it's less than half. But that's all another story for another day....

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