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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: real life
Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Time: 2:58:33 AM
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RE: real life

Seriously....can't believe you're closing the place down. When's the final date? Will the rock n roll page stay open? Polls? Archives? Can we still stop by to click banners from time to time?

The final day here should be January 31, 2019. But I will have to have some work done on the board beforehand so that the archives can all stay up while no posts can be made. I might still use this broken board to post the weekly poll post at (with replies to the polls still being an option), as yes, the polls will live on - other than the weekly Stones poll enters week 999 next Monday and I can only program 1,000 weeks of polls for each weekly poll category. So the Stones weekly poll will move on over to the Rock poll slot and be the second poll of the week there. As far as the Rock VS poll, which has been on hold for the last few weeks, that one will come back sooner or later, but maybe not on a regular basis. The Stones On-going polls will remain where they have always been at the Stones poll since they aren't weekly and will run for as long as is still up and going.... and that should be the case till the day I die, or lose my marbles anyway. But there's a big but to that too, as these polls must be able to be run on future servers that haven't been made yet. They will still have to run the old Windows programing and ASP on those new future servers which the polls use and are run on, for these polls to continue. Of course I still might convert the polls over to another format in the future to avoid all of that.... Time will tell. All of my other websites will all remain up, including my non music sites, all the music sites including the Rock site, and for sure the Stones site, too.

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