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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: I know the truth....
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Time: 5:31:50 AM
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RE: I know the truth....

.... cause I was there... well, not in Cleveland, but I'm one of the few who has both of the movie tapes that were made and shows just what happened.... and yes, I even did cover this event briefly in my Stones book too, since the C10 was a major deal at the time, indeed!

Now, although Starbuck never totally left this place, for the last 3 or 4 years he has only showed up maybe every 5 weeks or so for a post or 2. But when he was here and in his prime and a regular, those were the kind of posts he always made - I'll add, to the joy of the board (afterall, we were one sick and crazy bunch of Gassers back in the day). You can check the old and sadly now never updated part of this site call "Let it Loose" (the link to it is still to this day up on top of the board's home page), which was a project started here by former Gasser Undercover (100% his work and his doing, he was the webmaster for that, not I), to read a handful of Starbuck's crazed posts that are all written in this insane matter. But his post titled, if I recall correctly "Itís a Wonderful Gassers Life", was voted on as the greatest Stones board post ever written anywhere, and was made up as a parody of the Xmas time movie Itís a Wonderful Life, after I was fed up with Gasland one day back around 2002 or so, and was thinking of closing down the joint in frustration (the only true part of the story). Perhaps the post doesn't mean as much today since most of the players have moved on, and I haven't read it in years myself, but there is no question that Starbuck saved Gasland's life with that post, as I realized I couldn't close down this joint after he wrote that. But I guess you also had to know the Gassers who come up in there to totally get and enjoy the story, too.

As far as me and the naked painter thing, well first, I'm just pleased he didn't bring up the post about me and the mountain goat attack, that took place high up in the Rockies (and which actually happened at around 11,000 feet in the mountains above my hometown, about 15 years ago). He always used to bring that up and would get that story totally wrong, claiming that I got into it with a little sheep - when it was a big and fierce mountain goat mama protecting her kids who I tangled with - and not a gentle sheep. But as far as the painting story goes, while no, I was never employed as a naked painter, as 100% of us naturists would never, ever use the word "naked" to begin with, as 'naked" means being ashamed of one's body, and clearly naturists aren't ashamed at all with how we look without clothing. So we always use the word "nude" instead to describe our get togethers at clubs and hot springs. But yes, I made another favorite post here once - that if I recall I told Undercover not to include in the LIL archives, since it was 100% a NSC post (just like the goat post, although the painting story might be in there anyway, I can't recall if it is or not and I haven't checked, but it's somewhere in the board's archives). But this took place somewhere around 2003, or '04, maybe even '05 (you all know how if there's one thing I'm very good at, it's me getting my dates mixed up) when I told the story about my nude and wild painting adventure that took place one day. Well, that's what Starbuck ended up calling it anyway and the truth was that I was nude after this paint accident thing happened, and the major paint stain is still to this day on the carpet in my grandson's bedroom to prove it happened (although it's covered up with a carpet today, plus my beautiful and fellow naturist next door neighbor was there to take it all in, so she will confirm the story). I actually wouldn't mind reading that post again today to see if it still holds up as one of the true Gassy posts, but I don't feel like looking for it at this time, as it 530am and I only got 2 hours of sleep last nite (Monday) and I need to hit the sack still for tonight (which is Wednesday morning to the rest of you). I'm very much out of gas right now, Ronnie!

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