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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: John Lennon
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2017
Time: 6:21:43 AM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: John Lennon

George wasn't a musical genius IMO, that's clear to my ears, but most musicians fall into that same category of being very good - but aren't geniuses, either. You only have a handful in rock music who were/are, and John and Paul were 2 of them. That of course doesn't take anything away from George, if anything, being around them 2 clearly made him a better musician. The problem with George, to me, was that most of his guitar riffs all sounded the same, and so many other lead guitarists have that very same problem. In John's case, that wasn't the case, his leads sounded different. 2 examples would be his leads on "Get Back" and "Revolution". Now yes, we don't have as much Lennon lead tracks to go by, but for me and myself only, I rather any day listen to Lennon's leads over George's leads. And guess what, nobody, including our lone Lennon hater here, can tell me I'm wong, since it is what I hear and what I enjoy. One person can't tell me (or you) that I enjoy George's playing more than I enjoy John's, and then say they are right on this and that I'm wrong! What I enjoy is just that, and nobody can force me to enjoy - or dislike, something that they like or dislike, just because their ears don't hear what I hear. That's how it works in us humans, we aren't all the same. I can only think to myslef, too bad that person can't get the same enjoyment out of the same music that I and most others get. But that's how it goes in life. But one person's lack of love for something doesn't make that person correct and me wrong, it's just a matter of personal tastes and nothing more than that.

No matter how great the Beatles were as a group, they would had been even better and a harder rocking band had they had - say, Keith Richards playing lead guitar, or many other guitarists, other than George, and for that matter, also if they had a more harder pounding drummer than Ringo. That isn't me saying that Ringo and George sucked at what they did. What it simply means is that they just didn't play in a way that I like to hear my rock music best. On the other hand, both John and Paul did. Them 2 could not have improved their playing anymore than what they were already playing. Yet all 4 played at their best, and together they sounded great... but damn, if the drummer and lead guitarist were just not both limited as they were on how they played, holy crap - the rock world's most loved band and greatest overall sounding band, would have been even better than they were. But that's just my feelings. Yes, many others, and likely most others from my generation who like and understand rock music, would agree with me on this.

A person in their 60s who's been listening to Rock music for their entire life, has more musical experiences in listening to music than a person in their teens, 20s or 30s has, simply because they been around longer to have that. We oldtimers saw and heard Rock music in it's infancy, we were there when the Beatles and Stones and all the others started out. Being there back then added something to all of this, no question about it. The younger generations that came after us just weren't a part of that and are lacking the understanding behind all of that simply because of that fact. I know being there and understanding what was taking place adds to all of that, too, while not being there takes a bit away from it all. There's that old, excellent, Cat Stevens song, "Father and Son" that contains the lyric, "you're still young, that's your fault, there's so much you have to learn". What a great song that is about a father and his son indeed, but, he made one mistake in those lyrics. IMO, it's that being young is nobody's fault. You can't hold that against anybody. But lacking experience that would be impossible to have if you weren't around for an event, does mean something indeed. I know when I was a boy, I hated classical music, yet as I grew older, a music that I once didn't like all, of a sudden sounded really good to me thanks in part to my aging. That happens to many if not most people as they age, and it isn't limited to just music. But it isn't a crime to be young - or old. Or even different. I've been different my entire life when it comes to most things. That doesn't make me a bad person, nor does it make me wrong or right on things, it just makes me who I am. But please don't tell me (or anybody else) I'm wrong and you're right and who is and isn't the real genius of any one group, as was stated in JF's reply. To JF, when it comes to listening to music, it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong, but when you come out and state that only you are right - then that means that you believe that anybody who disagrees with you - is wrong. That in turn tells everybody else reading such a comment, that since you made that statement, that it's actually you who is in error. Especially when it comes to a person's taste in music.

Everybody is correct in liking the music that they hear and like and the only thing that changes that is the experience you get with age. I can guarantee you JF that right now, as the young kid that you are, there is music that you dislike now - that when you're in your 70s, you will like. It happens to most people as they age, and not only with music of course, but with many other things, too. It's the way life goes, experience is golden in life, as is learning to like some things as you age that you disliked as a kid. That's what was lacking in the comments that you made here. There's nothing wrong with being playful, but one doesn't have to also be rude in explaining what they believe, either.

In closing, the world was a better place when John Lennon and George Harrison were both alive, and they both made so many people - so very happy, thanks to the good guys that they were. They were both great, caring people, who stood behind what they believed in. That is what matters the most in life, and one shouldn't have to be an old man to know that.

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