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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: Lennon, Harrison, and us
Date: Thursday, December 07, 2017
Time: 1:24:58 PM
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Lennon, Harrison, and us

Keno!!---I meant all that in jest:) Really. You know my opinions, and you know I'm fiercely committed to them, but I respect yours and everyone else's here just fine! Of course I'm not right! How could I be on this? You were supposed to hear that post of mine in the voice of say--John Oliver or Samantha Bee, to name the two best satirists out there right now. I wasn't trying to be rude in the least. I do take legitimate issue with you calling me a Lennon-hater, though! No way, no how, I love the guy, I just don't consider him a genius!

To a lesser extent, I also take issue with you telling me once again I lack understanding just because I'm younger and wasn't "there." Does Don Was lack understanding? He wasn't there in the early days, but he has played a significant part in continuing to develop and retain the essence of the Stones. Does Jack White lack understanding? He wasn't around either, but he has a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of American music than just about anyone out there.

Yes, there things I may not have experienced firsthand, but I bet I've read and studied and watched as much or more than anyone here, regardless of age, and I know and understand things you guys may not. The ironic part is that this place is responsible for A LOT of that. Yep, it'r true. This place (with a special nod to manny and his deep cuts) turned me on to the Stones and a lot more that I'm sure I never would have heard without it. I took the info and taste that you "elders" had and ran with it, but then I kept going: applying, branching out, spreading out, studying books and essays on culture and other things way beyond just simply listening to the albums. And I've gained large amounts of insight and understanding. And of course I have more to gain and then hopefully pass on to others, like you've done for me.

One more ironic thing is that you and I personally agree on a tremendous amount (politics, drugs, capitalism, Brian Jones, jazz music not being appealing to us, plus much of the things in your above post, etc.), yet we've always managed to find a few things here and there to go on about LOL. But you know what? Good for us! It's not a bad long as you don't try to insist that I was trying to be rude...Anyway, lastly, going back to George, what started this, I agree that many of his leads did sound similar, but he was so distinct and melodic that I don't think it was a limitation. And the way he translated his own singularity to slide in particular really stuck out at the end of the Beatles and on All Things Must Pass. Man, I love his slide. But I understand if others don't.

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