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Name: Undercover
Subject: RE: RE: 38 Years Gone (nsc)
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 5:33:56 PM
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RE: RE: 38 Years Gone (nsc)

I was at the University of Missouri for the post Kent State demonstrations.

We made a stand against the war. I can't believe it is not happening now. The death count is only going to grow. Here in Columbia MO we demonstrate on Wednesday afternoons at the most travelled interesction in town. The numbers of demonstrators is falling off all the time. The only people left are vets from Vietnam, former U of MO professors, some religious elderly ladies and a few Arab Americans. There are only two young people that attend regularly.

Even I am discouraged. "Honk for Peace" is not effective.

Each of us needs to join an organization dedicated to peace. Veterans For Peace is mine. Organize! There is power in groups. The government will not listen unless they are scared and only the masses and money will scare them. We have turned into a nation of pussys.

We need to revisit Abbie Hoffman. I have been reading him and he is not a crazy loon. He was an inspired crazy revolutionary. We used to be proud to be called revolutionaries. Where is that title now? Nowhere.

I would write more but under this fascist regime I would be arrested. Our rights are being taken away. Soon freedom will be a foreign concept if we let the republicans rule.

Revolution for the hell of it!

Thank you Payphone all for you contibutions to the revolution.


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