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Name: Payphone Al
Subject: The Afrermath
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 11:46:35 AM
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The Afrermath

In a tragedy such as this, blame is a wasted effort. Commissions were formed and law suits filed with little results. Many lives were devastated, including those shooting from the top of the field and those that watched the victims take the last breaths of their short lives on some collage asphalt parking lot during a warm spring day in Ohio.

I felt a disconnect when hearing the news that night. Hope, Peace and Happiness became a hallow concept for me. The Peace Movement was never the same for me, and many others, from that moment on. The stakes had been risen and would continue to rise ten days later when innocent people were killed and wounded at Jackson State during a demonstration. The age old question of meeting violence with violence for the sake of peace came into play. I can not say what direction I felt I had to take in response to those recent events.

Now we are 38 years later. We are in a war that does not have the support of the majority of the citizens of the country wagering that war. And just like 38 years ago, the Administration does not care what the populace thinks or wants. But what has changed, instead of using bullets to quell the rabble, the powers that be control the masses by taking away their civil rights and using fear to keep them in line. Allison, William, Jeffery and Sandra, Iím sorry that a whole generation, and me, let you down.

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