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Name: Payhone Al
Subject: 38 Years Gone (nsc)
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 11:40:47 AM
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38 Years Gone (nsc)

Humor me today and take a trip with me back to May 4, 1970. Spring was in the air and if you were patient enough, you could sit and watch the buds coming out on the tree branches as they came to life after a long cold winter. For this young idealistic boy, hope and the fresh breeze of newness was in the air. I felt I was a part of a new generation that could bring about changes with the collective voices of conscious that would, and could, speak out against the perceived injustices of the world. We were millions strong. I felt empowered .. Nothing could stop us. The future shined brightly in front of me.

I had older friends that were going and coming back from a war taking place halfway around the world. I saw the changes that weighed heavily on the returning vets who lived the horrors of war. It helped me understand the moments when my father, a WW2 Vet, would go silent and just stare into space. Something had to be done and we had the numbers, we had the voice and we had peace in our hearts.

I became heavily involved in the peace movement. I traveled for the gatherings taking place in the Midwest. I attended meetings of the SDS which had splintered and I was on the fringes of the Weathermen. We were making a difference and public support against the war was growing everyday. But then came the events that made me the jaded person I am today.

Can you believe what that pig Nixon did??? He escalated the war!!!! Sending bombers into Cambodia. What was he thinking?? Reports were coming in of illegal excursions into Laos and Thailand. Body counts were just numbers on a grainy graphic over Walter Conkrite’s shoulder during the nightly news. Its time to hit the streets my brothers. This shit has to stop.

Colleges across the country were filled with students who mobilized to vent their frustration about the expansion of the war. A united voice must be heard, loud enough to be heard even in the halls and back rooms of the White House. I was on the campus of the University of Michigan on May 4th. But this story is not about me. This story is darker then anything that has happened to me. For those of us that lived during these times, my purpose is to remind and remember. For those not yet born or to young to know, please read on ..

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