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Name: Payphone Al
Subject: The Set-up
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 11:42:35 AM
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The Set-up

As I said earlier, Spring had sprung in the Midwest. It was the same on the campus of Kent State. This school was not on the radar for most people outside of Ohio. It had been a rough weekend. Students were feeling anger about the war and the feeling that the town was inflating prices for students. Friday night was a drinking night and a band of students and local bikers broke windows in town on buildings that represented THE MAN. About $5,000 worth of damage. Needless to say.. That pissed off the town leaders. A decision was made that the National Guard was needed. After all, there was 5. 000 dollars worth of damage that these punks had to be made to understand would not go unnoticed. But with the red tape of government, this would take time.

Saturday night, a group of students marched on the old ROTC building on campus that was condemned and scheduled for demolition. Feeling their oats, several students tried to light the building on fire. This is were details start getting sketchy. The fire department did respond, but had to pull back due to rock throwing by the mob. However, the mob tired of the game and retreated which allowed the fire department to take control of the property and put out the fire. That the fire was extinguished is confirmed by firemen on the scene. The students left the area, did a loop around campus gathering a crowd and returned to the ROTC building to find it, much to their surprise, totally engulfed in flames with the fire department watching the destruction of the building. Unrelated to the burning of the building, the National Guard was rolling into town in response to the breaking of windows from Friday night. However, they did not stop in town. They rolled right on to the campus and set up camp. Bringing armed military presence on a collage campus enraged with the military machine seemed like a good idea to someone. The Kent State students woke up Sunday morning to find their campus an armed camp.

Sunday brought the rattling of swords from the Establishment. The Governor came into town and announced, “This is the most vicious form of campus-oriented violence yet perpetrated by dissident groups and their allies in the state of Ohio." He promised "to put a stop to this, we are going to eradicate the problem. We are not going to treat the symptoms. A General of the National Guard put in his 2 cents by saying, "Like the Ohio law says, use any force that is necessary even to the point of shooting." That night, a small group gathered on the Commons and sat down in protest. They were told to disperse and almost immediately after that announcement, the National Guard fired tear gas into the crowd and advanced on this position with fixed bayonets. Several students did get bayoneted on this spring Sunday night. The stage was set. All that was needed was the players.

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