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Name: Teiz
Subject: RE: 38 Years Gone (nsc)
Date: Monday, May 05, 2008
Time: 2:33:00 AM
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RE: 38 Years Gone (nsc)

Thanks for sharing this PA. There's a lot of similarities with the peace/youth movement in Europe around the same time. People were trying to break the chains the powers that be put on them without having much succes. What amazes me is that a lot of boomers who were active in movements over here are now themselves part of the establishment, making the same mistakes as the people they stood up to.

A Dutch author - the name escapes me for now - once admitted to being depressed about it, claiming the boomers were the one generation that could've made a difference politics/peace-wise, but also nature/environmentwise. I wasn't there at the time, being born 1973. But I do think he exaggerates a bit: the peace movement had strong cards until halfway the 80s over here. Civil rights were a no go area for a big part till the war on terror started. You didn't have to carry an ID till a couple of years ago, because it reminded people too much of the nazis who wanted everyone to have an ausweis. That dark reign was ended in the Netherlands exactly 63 years ago today btw.

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