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Name: Payphone Al
Subject: Tragedy in the heartland
Date: Sunday, May 04, 2008
Time: 11:45:09 AM
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Tragedy in the heartland

Come Monday, there were other outside agitators on campus besides the 800 plus troops of the National Guard. Several non student members of various peace groups were present as well as at least 50 FBI agents and/or paid informants of the FBI enrolled as students to spy on other students and their activities. As was the case on collage campuses across the country, the students at Kent State had applied for and been approved for a legal, peaceful demonstration against Nixon’s bombing of Cambodia. But the events of the weekend had changed the mood, both of the demonstrators and of the administration of Kent


About 2,000 students were gathered in the area for the noon time demonstration. Classes had not been suspended and most in the crowd (probably 70 percent) were spectators and students going to their classes. An announcement was made at ten to twelve that the crowd was ordered to disperse. So now, not only was the military occupying their campus, the students were being told their first amendment right to assemble was arbitrary being taken away. You got some pissed off people on both sides of the issues now. Tear gas was shot at the crowd and students responded by throwing the canisters back and also throwing rocks at the helmeted, riot equipped Guardsmen. Despite their anger, fire, desire and youth, the throwers of the rocks did not have the major league arms to cover the distance of over 100 yards to reach the soldiers. This tactic was abandoned for a new tactic of obscene gestures and language being thrown at the Guardsmen.

Movement and skirmishes occurred over the next 45 minutes or so. Then came that moment in time that, no matter how hard you wish, can never be taken back.

The Guardsmen had marched down to an area that was surrounded on three sides by a fence. Knowing that was a poor position to maintain, they reversed direction and marched back up a hill with maybe 10 to 20 students following behind, the closest about 60 feet away. Fearing for their lives because of the verbal assault being inflected on them, 28 Guardsmen turned in unison, leveled their M-1 military rifles and fired indiscriminately into the students. Thirteen seconds the volley continued with 67 rounds flying through the air.

I don’t have to detail how hot bullets rip the flesh, damage internal organs and bones, remove body matter or snatch the life from a person. Nor do I need to describe the fatal shots to the dead. When all was said and done, 9 students were wounded and 4 were dead. The crimes of 2 of the dead students was that they were walking to their afternoon classes. The dead laid 340 feet to 390 feet away from the shooters that were in fear for their lives. The names of the dead need to be remembered by me today...

Allison Krause - Age: 19

William Schroeder - Age: 19

Jeffrey Miller - Age: 20

Sandra Scheuer - Age: 20

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