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Name: Partner in Crime
Subject: RE: RE: Your First...
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 10:05:24 AM
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RE: RE: Your First...

This isn't my first Stones memory, but I remember when the Stones threw out the fishing line and got me hooked. I was in the basement listening to a radio station out of Ft.Wayne and She's So Cold came calling me though the speakers. I couldn't get enough of that song. When my brother was home on a weekend from college I had him listen to SSC. Don't know what he thought about the song, but a couple of weeks later when he came home from college he gave me my first two Stones albums, Emotional Rescue and Suckin in the 70's. I wore them two albums out. The next album I bought was Hot Rocks and there has been no looking back since then. The Stones set the hook in me and they set it good, clear down to my ass.

What was your first Stones memory, Ronnie?

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