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Name: pavlov's dog
Subject: RE: RE: Your First...
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 5:16:05 AM
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RE: RE: Your First...

Maybe this makes me a freak but I don't have a clearly defined moment that I can point to and say that was my 1st Stones experience and that I was transformed at that moment. As I have alluded to in previous posts my father forbade me to listen to 'Rock Music' so really I was at least ten before I heard any. Then it was mainly AM Top 40 stuff. I had a friend my age who was far more musically advanced than me. I remember two albums of his;Jethro Tull'Aqualung and Mott The Hoople 'All The Young Dudes'that stand out. He basically intiiated me into rock music. (He already had a Ludwig drum kit and was soon to be in a band). I DO know that as long as I can remember the Stones have been there, for 30+ years I know that when I turned on FM Radio they were there. I know that when I saw Apocalypse Now and saw the cool waterskiing scene to Satisfaction I was already very familiar with the song and tat around that time I bought 'Some Girls'. I have also mentioned that it is onylrelatively recently that I went from fan to junky and I don't know what triggered that exactly. All I know is that for a solid year I listen to, read about, talk about, think about the Stones every single day and they have taken over a huge part of my psyche.

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