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Name: iFox
Subject: RE: Your First...
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 1:07:18 AM
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RE: Your First...

I was growing up in a strange country which in my opinion have a little interest in the good music. In Poland it is believed that the best rock band is Pink Floyd and the greates album is The Wall, I suppouse because of the political conotations- Berlin Wall and stuff like that. Stones were known only for Satisfaction, which was a good song but terribly old and too standard for me and Angie, which for me always sounds like a sweet crap. At my youth days grunge was on the top, when one lazy Sunday afternoon I have watched the episode of Wonder Years TV drama. It was this episode when someone made a gossip about Stones coming to town. I still remember that- at the end of the episode was the great riff of Brown Sugar. That was it! It came in a perfect timing. It was like saying "fuck off" to all that shitty music, to all those news on TV starting with the info how "our great Polish pope is doing". I think this music had a great impact on me. Like I believe with most of The Stones fans the days of drugs and sex has started. Later it all got fucked up a little bit. My best friend has passed away thanks to drugs and I've learned that this sex, drugs & rock'n roll idea is just some symbol. For me the true message was to take the life as it is and remain free from some of the social expectation. This determined me to move to Japan. When I've arrived there my lagguage was lost on the way. Stones helped me to take it with a smile and agree to feel like a rolling stone ;)

Sorry for writing this long. All I want to say is "The First..." was really great. Now when I listen to Brown Sugar it doesn't give me the same kick as when I've listened to that for the first time. I wish to erase Stones from my memory and to discover them once again!

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