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Name: Sister_Barb
Subject: RE: Your First...
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 7:27:07 AM
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RE: Your First...

Wow, this is going wayyy back.... it was 1964. I had heard Tell Me and Time is on My Side. I knew nothing about them. One day in the San Antonio Light, there was a photo of them. The moment I saw them, I was in love. They were so DIFFERENT. The ad was for the ill-fated San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo appearance. My brother's friend Sarah and her friends were going to the show. I begged and pleaded to let me go with them, but I was just 9, so my parents said NO WAY. And probably rightfully so.

The next few memories I have of them was taking my allowance and buying High Tide and Green Grass (with my own money! LOL) at Rhodes Department Store at Wonderland Mall. What a blast! It had all those photos inside! I stared at those photos - especially the ones of Brian - for years. I still have it, too. The vinyl is totally worn out and the photo pages have been Scotch taped a number of times, but I treasure it.

I remember screeching to wake the dead one night when we were all in the living room watching the end of that night's Ed Sullivan Show. I had seen the first Stones appearance, now I was thinking, "one of these nights he just HAS to announce the Rolling Stones again!" No sooner than I'd thought it, he said, "Next week," blah blah blah... "THE ROLLING STONES!" Screams from the audience, my squeals, my parents telling me to hush up, all the while trying not to smile too much... what incredible memories.

Thanks for this thread. I've had so much fun reading everybody's accounts.

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