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Name: Jack Flash
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Your First...
Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Time: 2:39:15 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Your First...

When I was a wee little child, my dad used to sing YCAGWYW to me when I wa s bad... lol! But I guess that doesn't really count.

When I was about 9, I was totally into the Beatles and barely listened to anything else. I'd of course heard Stones songs before, but I don't really recall which or when. And I knew that they were in some way rivals of the Beatles. The first time I can remember hearing the Stones conciously was on the radio, 19th Nervous Breakdown. My dad told me that was by the Rolling Stones, and that he liked them even better than the Beatles (I of course was totally shocked...). I remember thinking they sounded weird and not like the Beatles. I also remember hearing Under My Thumb and Get Off Of My Cloud on the radio before I really knew them. But one day I decided to try and figure out why my dad liked these guys so much. The only CD I knew of in his collection was Sticky Fingers, so one night I took it and listened to it in my headphones, as if I were doing something naughty. I think most of all, the guitars blew me away. Later, I discovered Tattoo You, Steel Wheels in a pile of my parents' CDs in my room. One reason I love Flashpoint is I listened to it so much when I first found it at 10 or so. But I didn't really get hooked until my mom bought 40 Licks- and I haven't been able to quit them since!

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