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Name: Undercover
Subject: RE: Your First...
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Time: 9:34:08 PM
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RE: Your First...

My very first memory of the Stones is in the spring of 1968, I was 12. I was at a friends house, we were probably trying to figure out a way to scare one of the girls in our neighborhood, or something as devious, when Jumping Jack Flash came on the radio. I remember thinking it was a cool song but at 12 I was not very interested in music. I knew the Beatles were a big thing so earlier I had bought "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" for a girl I had a crush on. I knew "Groovin" by "The Young Rascals." That was the extent of my musical knowledge.

But when my life changed I was at the local ice cream parlor after a day at junior high. I guess I was in ninth grade because it was 1971. My friends and I were being cool by smoking cigarettes in the back of the parlor. I was trying to impress a girl named Beth who had the greatest legs I had ever seen. Probably to this day she is the standard for me for great legs, that is for a normal girl, of course Cameron Diaz is the standard for me now. (and I cannot believe none of you want a picture of her leaving a Stones concert). We were sitting around the juke box, a cloud of smoke over our heads, generally acting cool as ninth graders will do.

My "best friend," had an older brother that had long hair and was Columbia's most renowned high school Missouri style hippy. My friend played "Bitch." From that moment on I was addicted. My attention turned from trying to get up the nerve to go over and talk to Beth to listening to the music. I felt a "vibe" I wanted to be a part of. Just remebering gives me the same feeling of awe that overtook me then.

This may sound odd, even impossible, but for a few months I stopped paying attention to girls and listened to the Stones as much as I could. This is when I started smoking reefer in the creek back behind our house. We would spend the night listening to "Let it Bleed," "Sticky Fingers" and "Ya Ya's." Late at night for a freak out we would listen to "Careful With That Axe Eugene" off "Umma Gumma" (?) by Pink Floyd.

Within a month of hearing "Bitch" I got into conflict with my parents about my hair and clothes. They told me that I could not grow my hair out so I shaved my head, got a pirate bandana and a drill sergeant's hat and was off to school. I got sent home for having a shaved head when the school had a policy agaist long hair. My parents never said a word to me again about what to wear or about long hair.

It was all over. By the end of the summer I had tripped for the first time, I was smoking pot regularly and having sex with girls. Yahoo Stones! I learned early that rock and rollers got laid a lot.

I heard the sound and wanted to be a part of the Stones scene. "Bitch" did it to me. I started down the road and never turned back. I still like girls with great thighs and put on "Bitch" every time I hit the road for a road trip.


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